Answered Pushing into Trap at Motel

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  1. Fenrir Lokison

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    Simple question:
    If an Innocent is pushing a Traitor in the Teleporter/Deadly Pit on Motel, will there be any action against the innocent?
  2. Floof

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    Its RDM Even if they dont get hurt as it kills them or proves them as a traitor. Its a special rule for those types of traps so therefore regardless of role they will be slain.

    EDIT: Not sure if this is true anymore due to the rule rewrite.
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  3. neutral

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    I do not believe the above answers are correct. This was at one point considered RDM, however this rule was removed in the most recent rule update by @TangoFox .

    Currently, by the wording of the rules, if an innocent pushes a traitor in to the put, and ends up ‘outing’ them, then they got lucky and it is not considered RDM and the traitor may be KOS’d. I never agreed with this tactic, and neither did the community and staff team when the rule was formed, but Tango did remove the rule changing ruling on it.
  4. Lordyhgm

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    So, while it used to be the case that any action like this would be RDM, it was, as Helix has pointed out, not included in the latest revision likely for brevity's sake. Thus it is no longer considered RDM. (Providing, of course, the innocent get lucky in their choice of a victim) However, seeing as this has obviously caused some confusion/controversy this may soon be (rere)reviewed.