Punishment Rule Change.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Angelx, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. Angelx

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    Due to recent events, it has come to our attention that some people are not like the others, although because of the current ban system they could be banned for long length of time due to the ban history accumulating from the start of join time.

    The following changes will take place immediately.

    Any bans that are 3 months or older, with no bans in the period between, will now be ignored (excluding bans for hacking) A clean ban record will ultimately provide you with amnesty of your ban history prior to the clean period.

    So for example, if you've been on the server for 6 months, during the first 3 months you had 2 accidental RDM & Leaves, first one will be 5 days & the 2nd one will be 2 weeks. and for a good 3 months after you broke no rules. And today you accidentally RDM & Left, instead of being banned for 4 weeks (3rd offense) the 1st & 2nd RDM & leave will be ignored since it was over 3 months old with no infractions since.

    However, any players that are caught abusing this generosity given by us, will be dealt with swiftly.
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  2. Husky

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    Wow that is so nice of us. Go us!
  3. Tsu

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    Are there ban periods included?

    IE, say a player racks up enough rdm and leaves for a 2 month ban, I'm assuming he has to then stay clean for 3 months AFTER he's unbanned?
  4. DocFox

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    Banned for three months. No bans for that time. First offense for next ban lol jk.
  5. Angelx

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  6. Snak

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    About time, the the way it was awful. I honestly just did it this way anyways, regardless of what "policys" I was suppose to follow.. :)
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