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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by prochaos, Mar 25, 2014.

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  1. prochaos

    prochaos VIP

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    Received a karma kick on west after placing c4 as a detective and some idiot came along and decided to try and disarm on and blew every1 up so i received the kills from it and was karma kicked which intern gave a ban ban for rdm and leave, so id appreciate an unban so i can intern play with people i enjoy if i see them on the west
    Evidence of Innocence:
    hmm cant remember which mods were on they might, my memory is that of a goldfish​
  2. Angelx

    Angelx Always Innocent VIP

    Nope. it would still be mass rdm anyways.

    Feel free to play on the other 3 servers.
  3. Tsu

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    Hey Pro, I was the one that banned you (as much as I hated doing it).

    Your C4 killed at least 4 innos. So even if karma hadn't auto banned you, it would still be a 5 day ban for Mass RDM 4+.

    Thought you knew the rules, if you set C4 as inno/detective, no matter how long it's for, if some inno (or even traitor!) comes along and fail defuses it, you're responsible for all kills/dmg.

    If I recall the ban was on Friday or Saturday? So it'll be over soon anyways. In the meantime, all your friends are still on in West 2, East, and East 2!
Thread Status:
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