Poll: Economy Fix/Balance Reset/Server Reset

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Balance Reset / Server Reset (Unlimited Picks)

  1. Yes, I would be OK With a balance reset if the economy was fixed

  2. No, I do not want a balance reset, even with an economy fix.

  3. Yes, I would be OK with a Server Reset (Mods Only)

  4. Yes, I would be OK with a Server Reset (No Mods)

  5. Yes, I would be OK with a Server Reset (In general)

  6. No, I don't want a Server Reset in any Condition

  7. If the Server was Reset, Keep McMMO skills

  8. If the Server was Reset, Keep Ender Chest contents and/or inventory

  9. None of this applies to me, why am I even here?

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  1. Juice Juice™

    Juice Juice™ VIP Emerald Bronze

    So, the majority of people in Baltop seem to be alright with a Balance reset, but I've heard some others still not want it. Just a poll to get the opinion on such things.

    Beyond that, complete server reset might be healthy, especially if it would let use add mods through something like forge. However, there is understandable controversy in that.

    Please note that Balance reset would ONLY happen with a Major Economy Fix, and we would assume it would come along with plenty of warning/time. Please keep in mind that a Balance Reset is practically required if we want to properly fix the economy. Otherwise, people in baltop would gain an incredible amount of power over the new market.

    And that the server reset would ONLY happen with an incredibly large re-vamping of the server, or to fix whatever damage exploits caused early on. Yes, it sucks, but its better than a server where a small elite would always have a massive advantage over everyone else
  2. gage345

    gage345 Emerald

    I somewhat like this idea. I personally wouldn't mind a reset, but however, even though I am not among them, there were quite a few players who spent a lot of money on the original premium crates for item boosts, etc., that wouldn't be refunded (given replacement items for what they payed for originally). This would negatively affect the players who have spent money on the server in that way, as they will be losing items of which they payed real money for. If they were offered replacement keys for cosmetics, however, it might be worth it to do so.
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  3. IAmRelapse

    IAmRelapse Active Member

    Just a note: You can't reset it right now.
    Do more fixing on the economy and the prices, the income on jobs and etc. Add plugins that were suggested before.
    AND THEN do a reset.
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