Political Throwdown (part 3)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pacifist, Aug 27, 2020.

  1. Pizza Dude

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    trump is putins lil bitch lol
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  3. ANBS-02

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    Trump: Do you want a fucked up America? because voting biden is how you get a fucked up America!
    Trumps America:
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  4. PumpKinSpiCe

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    How many riots, lootings etc are happening in Republican cities? How many in Democrats cities? Weird.
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  5. Adlactor Nell

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    wait what does that have to do with anything?
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  6. Robokiller87

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    Listen up Children we're gonna play a game called "Use your brain"

    Where we'll define a few truths outright then approach both of your claims

    1. I still dont condone looting (though clearly what's being posted isn't a jab at me)
    2. The American left is stupid as hell
    3. The American right is stupid as hell
    4. CNN is stupid as hell

    So let's go for Rogers first. A still image and then quoting me specifically being 'does the American left condone looting' given that CNN is obviously left.

    Use your eyes and view the image. Fire in the background with the obvious thing making this such a joke of an image "Fiery but mostly peaceful protests after police shooting."

    So it's the magical time to use your brains! Does this image condone looting? The banner doesn't. The reporter isn't looting. Does the fire in the background all of a sudden condone looting? Probably not.

    So while an extremely funny and extremely typical thing of CNN to do let's make this clear. While the American left and CNN are idiots, that still image clearly doesn't condone looting. However and I'll give this one for you guys because again CNN is fucking stupid. They're clearly downplaying the severity of the violence specifically in the banner, however that's not an endorsement for looting or violence. Essentially attempting to cover two sides of the protests: The peaceful and tense afternoon protests and the destructive nightfall protests.

    Does the report at all condone looting, as in the live report does this guy condone looting? It doesn't, however there's something that the left has been saying all of this time since these violent attacks have happened. https://web.ground.news/article/5b3...tly-peaceful-protest-in-front-of-kenosha-fire

    "And then, what you are seeing, the common theme is an expression of anger and frustration." That was the big takeaway from the reporter on the ground. AKA: Because all of this shit happens blah blah blah people 'may feel the need to act out a bit more to get attention' is the general theme that the American left covers the violence that they generally if they're smart pin on the extremists which CNN avoids and is also why they're stupid as hell. None of the report condoned looting. Rogers point about this still image condoning looting makes literally no sense and to top it off the report didn't even condone the looting.

    So congrats we've made it through a still image with more added context. I've ruined what was essentially a very fun shit post that also was being made to convey a message of misinformation into one that has now been fully explained. I'm not sorry feel free to continue to post it at your leisure :)

    So then we move into what Roz said... We have instances of rioting and looting happening in just blue cities, not red. Or even rather, he's going about "how many of these are happening in red cities vs. blue... not many!! How weird!"

    Again BRAIN POWER! CNN fucking stupid, but and I've barely kept track of all of these protests because again they're country fucking wide happening fucking everywhere. Altanta Georgia, red. CNN HQ vandalized and the area getting whacked. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if this happens every week to their HQ. Nonetheless, happened during the George Floyd protests. In a blue city mind you, but red state. Where you know the governor can intervene the mayor doesn't have sole authority over the city. Red is still getting mixed into this situation where they're not doing anything to stop it either. Im not going to dive into all of the red cities or states who have ran into violence either. Because it's literally country wide discontent, protesting, and looting. If you're gonna pin it on left and right you're trying to play sides rather than address the actual issue. If I'm going to do what I just said "then im just deflecting blame from the left for being fucking stupid" well honestly again couldn't care less.

    If anyone is bored enough you can confirm if every state or county in here is blue. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_George_Floyd_protests_in_the_United_States

    I'll give you a spoiler: they arent.

    "but what about Jacob blake blah blah blah blah"

    fresh. happening everywhere still. who the fuck knows where im not gonna search every location that they're happening if they've not been allocated for me already. :)

    There is one thing though about "how can we blame a side at all then?! I wanna really shit on the left man why does Trump get validated hate but I can't blame the left for anything." If you wanna really blame the left all you need to do is take ahold of what the base of the left say, essentially Biden and his associates. They've got a lot of skeletons in the closet you don't need to dick on CNN to make the left look bad Biden does it well enough himself. Just like how I'd take this other instance of Trump endorsing his demon semen associate pushing for hydroxychloroquine as a valid treatment for coronavirus despite it not being approved by reputable sources.


    In the end...

    American left fucking stupid
    American right fucking stupid

    Both sides fucking stupid

    Move the fuck on from this left and right nonsense. Well... Rogers and Roz won't because they're ride and die. But hey the next time they wanna do left vs. right again I'll just interject and call both sides stupid again. :)
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  7. Indy226

    Indy226 Banned VIP

    In predominantly Democratic cities the police are literally told to stand down to the rioters.
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  8. Noctorious

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    I thought the first rule was we weren't discussing things about race, and the protests are about race so y'all are breaking the rulez
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  9. PumpKinSpiCe

    PumpKinSpiCe Forgive and Forget, or just forget. VIP

    A few questions for you.

    1. Do you support the George floyd protest/riots
    2. Do you support the Jacob blake protests/riots
    3. Do you support BLM, the rioters, the protesters
    4. Do you think kyle rittenhouse is a murderer or just protected himself
    5. Do you support the people kyle killed/wounded
    6. Do youbthink federal agents in portland made it better or worse
    7. Do you think trump is to blame for the riots or the cities.
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  10. Robokiller87

    Robokiller87 Animeme lord VIP Silver Emerald

    Sure because I've so clearly dismantled yours and rogers' statements that you'll never go back into anything i've read to try and debate the issues you're presenting at hand because they're flimsy illogical argument to begin with... (PauseChamp :fishingrod: :fish: ) I'll toy with this and give you a bit more to work with.

    1. Yes. BLM. Dont lump in protests and riots keep them separate. Progressive peaceful movement. Looting, killing, depending on what you view as riots (likely very dangerous acts because that's what the right wants to push to the forefront) not exactly supporting that. Hurts the cause.
    2. While not all info has been fully released, I believe the situation as it currently currently let me make this clear CURRENTLY STANDS was escalated too far to the point of requiring 7 shots in someone's back to 'incapacitate a person' who didn't immediately immediately and again IMMEDIATELY threaten the cop with a knife. After more info comes out while yes I am fully aware that he had a knife in the car and told the cops that it's poor assumptions to immediately call shooting him justified without again immediately threatening the cops. You don't preemptively shoot people for anything might as well shoot anyone for the potential of endangering you 1 minute later at any point then. I don't even know why the cops went after him still there was no reports about why he was getting arrested if at all despite a warrant being out for his arrest. Had that been the reason why cops were there they would've said so already. They didn't even comment on it.
    3. BLM, so just give me your specifics about what rioting means to you, protesters are doing their jobs
    4. He was a 17 year old illegally crossed states to look for action with an illegal possession of a fire arm. I think what he did was illegal. In self defense yea you have the right to protect yourself, but let's get this out of the way in the next point. To end this, he had no business being there in the first place with a gun. If we're gonna follow every law here right? This applies to him. I don't know though if there's laws about premeditated murder even if the actions were within self defense AKA: He was clearly going there to look for action, and got it, however it was within self defense. I feel like that's a thing but I've not found anything exactly clear on that. It seems that you cannot do a premeditated murder if it was within self defense by law. So it seems in the courts it has to be proven if he was premeditating murder and if he was then the actions weren't in self defense. If he wasn't, it was in self defense and then he's innocent of the killing however still committed illegal actions transporting and possessing a gun across states.
    5. Death should never be an outcome of these situations, but they're unfortunately happening. Im not gonna say much more though. No one deserved to die period (I swear to fucking god if you wanna bring up abortion I'm just gonna leave this thread. Learn to disassociate, contextualize, and differentiate between issues). I've heard a lot about them being terrible people, but this just like the Jacob Blake stuff is still getting investigated. So I'm leaving that on the hot stove until it simmers down more. Im not supporting or disagreeing with what I dont know.
    6. Worse
    7. Yes. Lack of leadership, instigating violence with his choice of support and use of words, his church photo op just outside the white house should be clear enough where he stands on the protests, Trump has clearly not done much to help quell the concerns of the people. He's rather trying to snuff the flames out instead of address the core issues. He's making it to the point where there's smoke, but no fire. Still ignoring the problem at hand. If you're going to be the president you need to intervene in these issues. And he has. He just hasn't done it effectively in a way that directly address and resolves the issues. I don't consider using federal agents as that solution it's just instigating.

    Enjoy I can't wait to hear about the race baiting and how BLM is a terrorist organization and cops lives arent being valued and how I'm apart of the problem trying to victimize black people for an issue that you believe doesn't exist AKA systemic racism. Which if you do we went over this ages ago I'm not getting into it again especially considering Pacifist stated to not get into this. I just answered your questions. This will go no where if you get into this I guaran-fucking-tee.

    Should be made clear. If you wanna dive into every specific controversial issue that BLM have found themselves in I want to state this: I support the movement and message they're getting across. I don't have to support every little thing they do. You're allowed to do that. Just like how republicans are allowed to disavow trump and still be republican. Doesn't make them a RINO like he says it does. You don't have to fully support every little bitty thing because you then get lost in the sauce.
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  11. Pacifist

    Pacifist Cynically Insane VIP Bronze

    Imagine being this bad faith. How many Republican cities can you name of the top of your head? Oh yeah, republicans aren't smart enough to even HAVE cities.

    I am joking of course. You can definitely blame a whole gambit of democrats for their inaction up until this point, but it seems like the democrats who are in office now are trying to at least put out the flames and make attempts at reform. What are the republicans doing? Doubling down on blue lives matter and pretending like nothing is happening.

    I'll extend an olive branch when I say that rioting and looting is stupid as fuck and only hurts the BLM protests that are peaceful. Also, the dumb fuck white anarchists need to go home. They are just there to blow shit up, and it isn't their movement anyways. I am cool with white people joining the protests and shit, but if you are going out there to fuck shit up, stay home. Right now, support for BLM is waning, and that is a bad thing. Black lives do matter, and they have legitimate grievances, but certain elements are really hurting them.

    Also, Biden agrees with me:
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  12. Adlactor Nell

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  13. Adlactor Nell

    Adlactor Nell Advertiser Friendly, Right out of the box! VIP+

    Exactly, the public would only see what they are being feed which is either of the extremes and that only makes people lose faith and hopes of change and reform or enrage them more and causes them to taint BLM's name and reputation, also @Robokiller87 why do you think the FA's made portland case worse?
  14. Robokiller87

    Robokiller87 Animeme lord VIP Silver Emerald

    So here's the thing with Portland... because this may seem counter intuitive given what i've said about the looting and the violence. They were deployed to supposedly protect federal buildings getting attacked. You know what, perfectly fine. Honestly, that's not where my issues lie. They had every right to protect their buildings.

    Where my issues were with the federal agents is how they conducted themselves when they were engaging protesters. Key word: protesters. Not rioters, looters, vandaliziers.

    Clearly their presence and arresting people for the federal crimes committed killed the protesting around the federal offices. People wised up in regards to their safety considering federal agents were raining down on them and were like "of all the places to protest we thought this would be the place, directly to the federal government. Turned out to not be the case. I dont wanna get abducted." They couldn't get near those buildings without facing authority so they couldn't protest shit around there which honestly sucks because they should have every right to protest there.

    The benefit of the agents there was to remove the extremists who actually did stupid shit to the buildings. That's all.

    Their presence otherwise instigated a lot of conflicts. Peaceful protests were being ceased and pushed away from the buildings which just isn't right. Get rid of the idiots not the protesters. Using unmarked vehicles to grab people is the last fucking thing you want to do when people are protesting against police brutality and overstep (confirmed by the DHS themselves if anyone wants to say this wasn't a thing). Under no circumstances to me is it warranted to arrest people in a kidnapping like style even if they committed a federal crime or to even question them in private. That's literally just creating a ton of confusion fear and anger. The constant escalation of retaliation against protesters from them was heavily unwarranted it stoked fear and more outrage, creating some misunderstandings, but as a whole a lot of distrust in the government for how to handle social unrest. If they wanted to protect the buildings, do exactly that. Arrest those who made federal offenses, go for it. Don't fuck with the protesters though... they did that way too much. Albeit more mentally than physically.

    As for waning BLM movements I rather hope they're waning because they're being taken behind doors for deliberation rather than killed out back metaphorically. We'll see though if protests only escalate then nothing is being done to actually address the issue when the next eventual police overstep occurs.
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  15. PumpKinSpiCe

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    You still supporting antifa?
  16. PumpKinSpiCe

    PumpKinSpiCe Forgive and Forget, or just forget. VIP

    It was mentioned about how the usa is now is trumps usa when in actuality its only the Democrat cities that dont want to squash the pathetic riots, which shows you the mindset of democrat mayors, rather let the burning and looting happen instead of stopping it.

    And I'll reply longer when i get home, work right now.
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  17. Pizza Dude

    Pizza Dude Best Member VIP Bronze

    It's too bad trump trademarked make America great again cuz biden could totally use that
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  18. Adlactor Nell

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    Woopsie daisy sry for the late reply just got back from a break but yeah you have a fair point, taking in protestors and rioters in unmarked vehicles was suspicious as hell and by no means am I saying that was what they should have done but I also think that there is some blame to fall onto the rioters for ending what could have been a successful and peaceful protest and movement.

    Aighty also source? I think its bullshit to say that riots are occurring just because a state is republican or democratic there are a fuck ton more factors at play.
  19. Indy226

    Indy226 Banned VIP

    There isn't that many factors, literally it's all over being left or being right.
    You know how dumb a vast majority of Americans are don't judge.

    my source is @Frost
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  20. Dodley27

    Dodley27 Dolfin VIP Bronze

    Frost is not a very credible source
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