Political Throwdown (part 2)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pacifist, Feb 10, 2019.

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    Here's mine:
    Here's what I got.

    Also here are some of my own political opinions:
    1. I'm a guy, I can't get an abortion therefore it's not my call to make on whether or not a women has an abortion and it isn't the government's call either.
    2. Why should I discriminate against someone whose LGBTQ when I've been bullied for being a special education student? It'd be hypocritical and bigoted if I did.
    3. The amount you pay in taxes should be relative to your income. For example; If you have a low income you should pay lower taxes but if you have a higher income you should pay higher taxes.
    4. There is a 97% scientific consensus that climate change is a real problem. Attempts should be made to mitigate and/or even reverse the effects of climate as long as they're economically, scientifically and/or technologically feasible.
    5. Just because you have your own religious beliefs doesn't mean you have the right to force them down everyone's throats.
    6. Politicians are elected into office to represent the people who voted for them. Politicians are NOT elected into office to represent the corporations who spend billions of dollars in "dark money" to lobby for legislation that benefits their businesses over everyone else.
    7. It doesn't matter whether Israel or Palestine started the cycle of violence against one another because they're both choosing to continue it rather than choosing to resolve things diplomatically with a two-state solution.
    8. Recreational Marijuana Products should only be legalized if they are sold with a tax similar to the ones for tobacco and/or alcohol products as well as a legal age for purchasing and consuming them.
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  3. Everyone's politcal compass is the same :confused:
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  4. Siddo

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    Ya boy's a libtard
  5. Rauno

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    another libtard / vihervassari here @Juissi :D

  6. Dani

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    This political compass thing is so weird. The questions are unclear and I often don't know what to do.

    "Our race has many superior qualities, compared with other races." - I don't have the necessary information to answer that. I don't know what "races" have higher risks of certain diseases or are generally stronger or whatever. The test also doesn't know what "our" race is. I know this is baiting me into outing myself as racist or whatever, but they do know that genes can generally be superior or inferior, right?

    "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." - I don't know; depends??

    "The rich are too highly taxed." - Wouldn't my answer depend on where I'm from? The same answer can mean different things depending on how the rich are taxed.

    "Some people are naturally unlucky." - What does naturally unlucky mean? I do think that, statistically, there's a few people who are really unlucky and that there are a few people who are really lucky. The rest of people got a bit of both. I do not think that "luck" is some sort of force that actually exists that you are born with. Do they mean that? I mean, the unlucky things still happen to you because you're you and you did what you did. If you'd been someone else, it wouldn't have happened and you wouldn't have been unlucky. Does that make a person naturally unlucky?

    Also, way too many negatives or even double negatives.


    This is objectively true and someone rated this dumb.
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    I agree Dani, political compass tests are highly inaccurate. I took one a while ago and it said I was a socialist -- that can't be further from the truth.
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    @Aluf found someone for antfia rallies
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    Does this even mean anything?

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    With both 8values and political compass, I felt like I was in an odd position. Obviously they have to ask general questions, but for some, it seems like a redundant question. And for others, the question itself feels flawed.
    Yes a one party state would solve some issues in that regard, which is obviously an advantage in efficiency. That doesn't mean I agree with a one party state. What is the question actually asking me :^)??

    Yeah obviously it is. We can't grow a lot of bananas in Northern Sweden or whatever. It's obviously beneficial for the consumer, but what "benefit" am I asked to evaluate? Is it good for the people in other countries who work gathering bananas? I don't know, maybe, maybe not?
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    ur a part of the demon agenda
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  12. Pacifist

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    Closest match: Libertarian Socialist.

    Let me explain. So, as an ideal this is probably what the future should shoot for. Ideally, a state would not be required if certain institutions became powerful enough to uproot the capitalist system that is in place. Simply, if unions were more powerful, minimum wage wouldn't really need to be a thing. Now, I agree this is a good place to shoot for, but I am also very practical in assuming that this kind of change would take a long time and isn't very practical. So while I would love to live in a world where Government didn't need to exist, I don't live in a fantasy world. We still very much need a government.

    That being said, seize the means of production or whatever.
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  13. Pacifist

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    Thankfully the 8 values thing allows you to remain neutral. I picked soft agree on that one because in general international trade benefits both parties. That is, if both states are generally equal in terms of GDP. However, uncapped trade can be a wrecking ball to local industries that can't compete globally. Africa is in that pickle right now, where they can't sustain their own industry because part of accepting foreign aid is subjecting themselves to the global market.

    Also that one party system question is fucking stupid. It is essentially asking you whether or not you agree with democracy. If you agree you are saying that Democracy is flawed. If you disagree than you are saying that democracy is perfect. The problem is that nobody realistically believes that democracy is 100% perfect, and in reality would just attract those who strongly dislike communists.
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  14. it means you're a chad centrist
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  15. By the way, the political compass isn't meant to be completely accurate but it is fun to look at the political compass of someone after he made a few political statements. 8values is if you really want to get statistical and accurate...
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    Why can't white people use the n word if we're the ones that invented it...?
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    move it betas
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  20. Are you me?
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