Political Compasses v3

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Did any of these surprise you?

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  2. No

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    Somewhat surprising
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  3. not surprised , moderate as always

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    Compass Results.PNG

    Searching about accuracy on these tests, seems like there's a general agreement that PoliticalCompass.org isn't well-designed, while these other 3 are. It looks like 9 axes is considered "better" than 8 values, even though they're only slightly different, the same goes for Sapply vs. PoliticalCompass.

    Research methods can get very complex, every type of survey has its pros and cons, and the amount of effort put into designing questions, answer options, and translating answers to scoring affects the accuracy or reliability of the data you collect. No test is going to be perfect and new tests will always come aiming to be more accurate, its probably better to take multiple rather than one.

    I thought the Sapply test was the best of these 4, taking them back-to-back
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