Accepted Plz remove jihad gba

Discussion in 'Rules and Protocol' started by Adrian Shephard, Jun 13, 2017.

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  1. Adrian Shephard

    Adrian Shephard VIP Silver

  2. Adrian Shephard

    Adrian Shephard VIP Silver

    "noob team Сука Блять" (cs go)
    plz can we get official answer
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  3. Zypther

    Zypther #SuitUp VIP Bronze Iron

    Its been answered look at extended rules
  4. BorkWoof

    BorkWoof VIP

    im h*cking blind can u plz point it out cos i dont see it
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  5. Zypther

    Zypther #SuitUp VIP Bronze Iron


  6. Shadow™

    Shadow™ What it do Shortyyyy™ VIP

  7. ThatAintFalco

    ThatAintFalco You should’ve followed the damn train CJ VIP

    Also, people that are using jihads can hide them and switch to their weapon and it will still go off. Which makes it even more confusing as to see who has the jihad. Honestly, this is such a stupid rule and jihad gab makes no sense whatsoever and it costs a lot of karma by just shooting innocents that are running. Pls remove this rule. +1
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  8. Elvis

    Elvis TheRockStars VIP Silver

    Maybe they already took it out? I read over the GBA rules and it didnt say anything about the jihad being GBA. Unless this is a mistake @Opalium
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  9. Timo654

    Timo654 EU BEST VIP Silver

    jihading is a traitorous act

    whoever witnesses him jihading and doesn't act is gba, because they didn't act on someone who did a traitorous act.
  10. Adrian Shephard

    Adrian Shephard VIP Silver

    Jihad make ur life in danger ,(2 sec)
  11. DocFox

    DocFox The Best Is Yet To Come VIP Silver Emerald

    Still shouldn't have to act on someone jihading, because the inevitable event is that the traitor ends up dying whether or not you do something.

    Getting away from immediate danger should take priority over potentially failing to kill the person attempting to kill you.

    A person is not GbA for getting shot at and taking cover.
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  12. neutral

    neutral VIP

    Hey all,

    After consideration of the comments from the community in this thread and discussions within administration, this has been added to the extended rules:


    Suggestion accepted.
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