PLEASE remove death screen for gun game asap

Discussion in 'Fun Rounds' started by waffle, Feb 28, 2021.

  1. waffle

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    As someone who plays 4:3 low res and is very used to it I can say that the hud size is humungo wumbo and I like it like that honestly. Easier to read chat and that all jazz. But when you die on 4:3 800 x 600 the death screen is also humungo wumbo, which isn't an issue since you're dead and all but on gun game it serves a huge bother


    This screenshot doesn't do it much justice as I took a clip of it as steam screen shots do not mix well with low res. It covers up a lot of your screen and makes it really hard for me to aim and shoot I usually have to hide until it goes away and go back to killing. and this stays on your screen for what feels like an eternity so on a full server with gun game it's just purgatory, dying and dying over again with no chance of going up a weapon.

    My solution is to just remove the deathscreen from this mode completely as it just screws over people on low res.
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  2. Solar

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    Activate your Windows OS, mate.
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  3. -tyler

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    ay what solar said u should activate your windows os, mate.
  4. waffle

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    I finally tried using the activation code sticker on the side of my pc to no avail, after 20 minutes I decided to troubleshoot and hit this


    and now windows ten is activated! no more pesky watermark, wasn't really that much of a bother though
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  5. Titan

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    okay now tell us why you're using 800x600.

    this is now a psychological consult.
  6. waffle

    waffle VIP

    I play on this


    800 x 600 keeps my fps consistent on most maps and for some reason on some higher resolutions my mouse is less snappy and moves funny. And as I said earlier bigger hud good aswell
  7. Titan

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    An i5? mate people play on celerons and atoms.

    that said, an i9 10900k would struggle to run some of these shitty, horribly optimized maps, so you at least got some room to speak.
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