Please extend vip+ 1 mo

Discussion in 'Store and Donations' started by Xproplayer, Jan 12, 2018.

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    Also my last VIP+ I had was extended 1 month, but then I got another elite, so technically that rank went to waste, however it was out of the 1 month rule that highwon said, but maybe that can change? idk
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  3. Mr. Disco

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    tbh, if you get a rank that overlaps another. like how elite overlaps VIP+ - should automatically add 1 month to those ranks that get canceled out.
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  4. CorallocinB

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    shouldn't u get vip+ for 25 not 30 days once elite expires if it's extended

    EDIT: To clear this up because I'm an idiot in the morning, Realizing the post was made Saturday the 13th of January, since his VIP+ were to end on the 7th on February (meaning he received it on the 7th of January) , it'd actually be 6 days from the 30 days he shouldn't receive back. So his VIP+ should be extended 24 days after the 12th of February when the Elite ends.
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