Online names and identity crises

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    I mean, for the most part, I'm just used to having mutliple names, since I was a tiny kid. It's kinda like if they call me by this, then they know me from these places. And if they know me from mutliple, it kinda just flips back and forth between whatever. It's all still me, but like, some kids who know me from like high school and shit would expect me to be in a bunch of drama and such, while you guys always joke about how I'm kinda just here and vibing, not really getting into any of it. Idk, it's all just... eh to think about
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    As someone who's changed their name multiple times in the span of my time here, I'm known as bad adult mainly. Most of my time here was me using that name. But you have weirdos like indy who have your name on a God damn notepad and it makes you regret ever saying it. I don't care what anyone calls me, as long as it's not my name or my middle name. That shits just weird. Call me crystal meth if you want, but my real name is just way to creepy.
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    Its meant to be ;)
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