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    As this is now relevant, Rambo, He's not threatening he's saying you do a charge back your get banned for conflict of interest just as any other play under these circumstances would when you do a charge back you basically make the owner pay more and you'd keep vip plus and you'd lose no money and that wouldn't be fair what so ever. and if @Disruptionz or @U.B.C.S. Ravin thinks this post is grave digging or my response has no relevance please just message me and i'll gladly remove it, or you can warn me for grave digging.
    Sincerely Robotic.
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  2. Oh, i didnt know about the term "Grave Digging"... didn't know it was against the rules or anything. And you made alot more since robotic haha. Sorry if i made anything bad or anything... if you want i'll remove any post...