No more deathrun

Discussion in 'Deathrun Suggestions' started by Juicy Tenderloin, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. Juicy Tenderloin

    Juicy Tenderloin Moderator Elite

    stop it. Stop deathrun please

    (No but real suggestion new player models?)
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  2. Dadly25

    Dadly25 Dolfin Moderator VIP

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  3. eks dee

    eks dee Trial Moderator VIP

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  4. Fiz

    Fiz Local Soda Can Elite

    if ur gonna ask for more player models. why not ~suggest some~
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  5. Najm

    Najm Feeling cute, might remove other eye later. VIP

    I dont think Deathrun would benefit from more playermodels and thus even larger files to download. Sorry, -1.
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  6. Mousey Aria

    Mousey Aria Liked and Disliked At The Same Time Moderator Elite

    I don’t think deathrun needs more playermodels and what not. It’s not the main issue of the problem with the server practically always dead. The models that have been put in place on there are completely fine and people enjoy them.

    Our Deathrun server has been dead for some time now. It’s the fact that we don’t really have a player base not the lack of models.

  7. Makuzi

    Makuzi Lordy is the best VIP

    dr is fun
    don't hate on it buddy
    in fact, i kinda love it there
    but not worth my time to staff there
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  8. Bad Adult

    Bad Adult VIP

    -1 deathrun is fun with randoms and regulars I am someones dad on there
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  9. Juicy Tenderloin

    Juicy Tenderloin Moderator Elite

    i only added the player model thing because i didnt wanna get in trouble for saying death to deathrun. ive literally played deathrun once and im not even sure if it was sgm's death run server lmao oof but thanks for the feedback yall :love:
  10. Bad Adult

    Bad Adult VIP

    I mean there are better gamemodes then Dr, but it's still fun with a large amount and small amount of people
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  11. ThiS Is A TErRIblE iDEa

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