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    So, this game called Archeage made by trion worlds was actually a big part of my years in high school. I spent so many hours on the game and it was insanely fun. The open world aspect of the game is unlike any other game. You can build your own ship and go fishing, run trade packs for money, or use your ship to try to find other people fishing/running packs to steal their hard work. It's an open world MMORPG with soo much freedom. But like most eastern MMORPGS it was extremely pay to win, and extremely grindy, and that lead to its inevitable downfall, because the company that owned it (Trion worlds) Didn't want to adapt it for western play style where people arent willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a game just to find someone who spent 1000 dollars and loose to them. ANYWAY Trion was bought out by Gamingo, and they're completely changing the game, I'm super hyped and can't wait for the release.
    Ive never actually been excited for a game release in my life so this is new LOL. Anyways I probably won't be coming back to SGM because of this game alone. Check it out if you're interested