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    Look, the anticheat on the server isnt the best and new hackers are bypassing it through something called 'Cheat Engine'. Before they join, ce hackers usually keep changing the 'sv_cheats' value to get its address to change when in-game. When they have done this, the common way of hacking is to load a .lua file which isnt detected as GMOD is based around lua.


    The beat current way to combat this is to install a system that detects client-side values that are not in match with the servers. This means if a hacker has enabled sv_cheats on client-side but sv_cheats is disabled, you know they are trying to hack.


    Thank you any admins who may be reading this and I hope you put this knowledge to good use. :D
    (btw I typed this mid-match so please excuse any spelling/grammar mistakes :p)
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    Sv_cheats 1 only would allow noclip, god, etc. Not aimbot, speed hacks, or any other things.
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    Are there other cheats than just Sv_cheats
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    Most hacks are handled via the sv_allowcslua command. This community doesn't use or need an anti-cheat. The staff here is more than capable of handling the situation. Most anti-cheats already detect client side values anyway.
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    To everyone, I was talking about 'lua_openscript_cl hack.lua'
  6. Honestly here, we dont really want any automated program that bans people. If any, an anticheat System that notifies staff of suspicious behaviour and doesn't not straight up bans people would be ideal.