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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by NellyTheSquirrel, Nov 18, 2015.

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  1. Your In Game Nickname:
    Your Steam ID:
    Which Server:
    Why you should be unbanned:
    i left and didnt even get reported when i left in fact i reported someone before i left for Team killing in TTT
    Evidence of Innocence:
    i was playing and i had only been reported ny some ppl mostly ppl who dont know the rules i didnt even get reported and slain that day so idk where this came from when i left i had not been reported i didnt rdm that game since i only played two or three rounds and the last round i was a T i have no clue who reported me and y i was reported i would like to know y and what i was reported for​
  2. Chastity4lyfe

    Chastity4lyfe *Eye roll* VIP Silver

    You were banned by @Graxed for RDM & Leave 3rd, although it was appealed so it should be RDM & Leave 2nd. But she'll respond when she can!

    Edit: @Rozboon fixed the duration. Thanks.
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  3. Grace

    Grace 真夜中 VIP Silver

    Hey Nelly! Thank you for taking time to write your appeal.
    I banned you for RDM and leave after the following report was made

    I then asked the victim if they would like you to be slain; To the victim saying 'Yes'. I then proceeded to slay you, only to find you had left the server. According to the your history, you had 2 rdm and leaves, I may have read wrong on your ban history. To that I apologize and I will make sure it is changed to the correct time.

    (Edit: I have been informed it was noted that your ban was voided. I apologize for my mistake)

    Could you explain to me why you think you should be unbanned?
  4. i did not rdm anyone that i know of i was never reported for a rdm when i left someone rdmed me before i left it was Team kill i was a T and he shot me i reported it i then left i did not rdm someone and idk who thought i did
  5. there was no way i could of rdm someone i did not team kill i was a T the last round i played so idk how someone got the idea that i did
  6. Graze

    Graze Zzz... VIP Silver

    Just as a point of reference Nelly, The report in Graxed's post clearly shows that you did indeed RDM, through a method called Goomba Stomping, which is what happens when a player falls on another player when dropping from a large height. You may not have intentionally RDMed, but the point of this is to see whether or not the ban you have received should be lifted.
  7. Grace

    Grace 真夜中 VIP Silver

    I have evidence that you did RDM someone. I would like you to tell me why you think I should lift your ban. If you just carry on denying it while I have proof, I see no reason in unbanning.
  8. i promise not to rdm and behave myself as i was before and not to distrubt the game for everyone else but i would like to plz know the proof as this is very odd for this to happen
  9. Grace

    Grace 真夜中 VIP Silver

    I provided proof in my first post. In the spoiler is a report against you. Click the green button.
  10. i remeber that i wrote to him what happened i fell down i died also by rdm but that was at the first round and i wasnt slain for it and the report was denied and it was a accident by me i hit space bar to free fall down a ladder and he was killed i had no intention to kill him
  11. i understand know what happened i had no intention of killing him i just clicked space bar to free fall down a ladder to go down faster and he was killed but that was in hte first round and i wasnt slain for it and the report was denied and i said sry and he said its ok
  12. but i wont do it again and i will behave
  13. i was rdmed after also idk who killed me but i did send a report
  14. i am going to behave my best and not let this happen again i didnt mean to rdm anyone at all i am very sry for what i did
  15. Grace

    Grace 真夜中 VIP Silver

    The report was never denied. The report was in round 5, and I assure you I never said it was 'denied'. The player told me he wanted you slain for killing him, and thats what I went by.
  16. he said to me it was ok but i accept the ban and i rly want to be unbanned
  17. Grace

    Grace 真夜中 VIP Silver

    In conclusion, I am going to deny your appeal.

    I have provided evidence as to why I banned you, and you completely tried to deny it at first and refused to accept you RDMed, when you did come to the point of knowing you did RDM, you claimed the report was Denied. I have no clue where you got this idea from, If a report was found
    Invalid no one gets informed, unless the victim asks. I don't think a 'promise' is enough trust to unban, and you already have been banned for RDM and Leave before, which leaves me with even more doubts than I had before.

    In the future, after a report has been filed against you, you should check with a staff member online whether you are clear to leave or not to prevent this type of thing happening.
    Your ban should be over in around 2 weeks time.

    Have a good day.
  18. i swear i will not misbahave again and i willl not rdm i will not argue with staff i will behave on my best and i will not distrupt the game
  19. Grace

    Grace 真夜中 VIP Silver

    I have already denied your appeal.
  20. i just want this ban done and i didnt even know i commited a crime i know the rules and next time i will be sure to check with staff when i leave but i dont want to be banned if i can have another chance that would be amazing plz thank u
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