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    In this thread, you can request to change your forum display name.

    To request a name change, simply reply to this thread with your desired name. A member of the administration will then check your request and make the change. Once your request has been processed, the reply will be deleted.


    1. You may not use nicknames that are insulting, instigating or offensive, whether towards a specific person, a group or the general public.
    2. No unreadable nicknames: nicknames must contain at least 3 English alphabet characters.
    3. Names must be taggable/searchable: the first 3 characters of your name must be either English alphabet, numbers, or the following symbols: .-_=+
    4. Excessive name change requests are not allowed. Be reasonable with your requests.
    5. The administration reserves the right to refuse any name change request.
    Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in your request being denied, or in your privilege to have your name changed being temporarily/permanently revoked.

    You may also request a name change in private by messaging an Administrator or higher. Click here for a list!
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