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  1. avukyi2r3

    avukyi2r3 VIP Emerald

    My sheep has 9 inventory slot but when I used the command it says I can't use it not sure why. At one point an upgrade was that I could use a leash on it but everytime I leash it it unleash itself. Also my sheep didn't get any upgrade at level 11.

    For those wondering how to catch pets /pettype nameofmob will tell you the requirement usually you have to hurt the thing untill it has one heart left then you will need to feed it and finally you will need to attack it with a lead. Also keep in mind most pets are still store perks.

    Edit: Seems like my Sheep didn't get a skill at both level 11 and 12.

    Also why can't we use /petstore I want to have multiple pets. I like my Sheep and I don't want to get rid of it after all the effort I put into raising him.

    Just noticed we can't use /petname either and nametags don't work on pet.
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  2. Graze

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    Alright, so the inventory and other commands are disabled for pets right now, all they can do is do a standard attack and follow you around.
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