My smoking journey

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by Pelvis, May 22, 2020.

  1. Pelvis

    Pelvis Resurrected. MVP

    I started smoking cigs 7 years ago. I got peer pressured into trying it and just kept on smoking with my friends. 3 years ago I made the swap to vaping. With all the “health benefits” when compared to smoking it made the decision so much easier. 05/23/2020 is the date I decided to stop smoking/vaping. I will update this thread each day for the next month or so and then after that periodically updating my progress on my journey of stopping. I hope that I have the will to stop. I have been smoking for so long that it feels like second nature to me. Even times when I don’t need nic I feel like I want it. I am so dependent on vaping it’s scary. If I’m playing a game that has rounds or deaths, each time I die I start to vape. I don’t know how this is going to go but please wish me the best of luck. I really need it. I’ll be posting all the good and the bad here. From me snapping at employees/family to me giving in its all going to be truthful here.

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  2. Indy226

    Indy226 VIP+

    Idk about the community but I do have ur back, I believe in you.
    Help this man win over his urge
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  3. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut Believe in the Jabba who believes in YOU Lead Admin VIP Bronze

    Anybody who decides to post another troll comment on this thread will receive a warning point.

    I'm proud of you Elvis, hang in there!
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  4. [MZK]Lightning

    [MZK]Lightning Trial Moderator VIP Bronze

    Good on you @Elvis !!!

    Smoking is a terrible addiction/crux. It causes infinitely more problems than it solves.

    Here's hoping that you become fully released from the evil shackles of tobacco/nicotine VERY SOON!

    We're rooting for you man!
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  5. Pelvis

    Pelvis Resurrected. MVP

    I agree. It’s a horrible horrible addiction and I just hope that I can get through this.
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  6. Adlactor Nell

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    Good Luck!
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  7. Solid Anunoby

    Solid Anunoby VIP Silver

    Drugs, cigarettes, offer an easy out, just from dealing with people. You’ll get there. It takes time. I’ve struggled with a psychedelic dependency for a while so I feel it. You’ll feel better when you don’t feel the need for them anymore. Good on you for taking steps to quit.
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  8. Shelbutt

    Shelbutt VIP

    Ok so dude, I'm fucking proud of you. Vaping/smoking is such a horrible addiction, while I've never smoked myself both of my parents and my mother in law smoked like freight trains. I've seen first hand how hard it can be.
    But dude. You absolutely have got this. I believe in you 100%. But keep this in mind too, if for some reason you do 'break' and vape once or something, don't let it ruin your momentum. Like when people on diets eat something bad they think 'well fuck it I've messed it up now might as well continue" or whatever, it's absolutely fine to mess up, just pick yourself up and continue.
    And if you didn't know this already, the 3rd day I've heard is always the hardest. The "hump in the road". But you got this.
    If you ever need to talk/vent/need encouragement, you can always DM me on discord.
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  9. Pokeben10

    Pokeben10 kos grumble VIP

    We're all here for you, man. You've got this!
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  10. Bruno

    Bruno Moderator VIP Bronze

    I never understood smoking but yeah fuck that shit, you dont need it lol
    Fucking yeet them xD
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  11. Pelvis

    Pelvis Resurrected. MVP

    Well this is the first morning without nic. Just gonna try to keep busy today
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  12. -tyler

    -tyler My trial was filed as a crazy suicidal head case. VIP Bronze

    People don't really realize how fucked a nicotine addiction can make you feel. Makes you feel like you have no control. I was vaping for like two years and quit only a month ago. It was really hard for the first two weeks... imo you just need to replace something with the nicotine. Like busywork or something you're interested in. Keep your mind super busy. Also in my opinion, cold turkey is the best method. Throw out all your devices and everything, that's what I had to do in order to really quit. Once you make that decision you feel a lot better, like you're able to be in control of what you do.
  13. Shelbutt

    Shelbutt VIP

    Oh i just thought of something. I have a friend that quit and he ended up picking up snacking as a habit to replace smoking. Be careful of that. that's how i gained 100lbs working at a desk job
  14. Pelvis

    Pelvis Resurrected. MVP

    I bought a 4 pound thing of cashews and a bag of sunflower seeds and a 150 stick pack of gum. It’s been keeping my mouth busy
  15. Panduh

    Panduh I love ass Moderator VIP

    Yea it's good to replace that time with something else. If your busy, you will tend to avoid it better. But don't feel super bad about yourself if you slip up and end up doing it. These sorta things take time. Slowly build up to it if you need to. I seen my homies, at 14, 15, 16 years old and their smoking weed, taking shrooms, vaping, all that typa shit.

    They dont realize that the constant use of it really fucks them up both physically and mentally. I got my friend to play basketball and he finally realized how bad his lungs were and he said to me he will try to limit it to once per week. Good luck man.
  16. Pelvis

    Pelvis Resurrected. MVP

    I realized today that going cold turkey was a bad idea. It started off okay but shortly through the rush at work every little thing was pissing me off. Every noise I heard made me want to rip out my hair. I eventually gave in and grabbed a cig from my friend. It was a far stretch to begin with but now I know my limits with this shit. I went 12 hours without a cig and I’m proud of that. The longest before I’ve ever went without nic was only a few hours, 3-4 at max. I’m going to be doing a different route. I’m sticking to nothing but vaping and I’ll be weening myself off it nic over the next few weeks. This week coming up I’ll be on my regular 6mg nic, and the week after I’m going down to 3, and the week after I’m going down to 0. I hope this method works better, because cold turkey isn’t the way for me.
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  17. Pelvis

    Pelvis Resurrected. MVP

    I appreciate all the support given here. It really means a lot to me.
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  18. JesstheMess

    JesstheMess one of the thiccest mods Moderator Elite

    good luck bb
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  19. RyanHighman

    RyanHighman Trial Moderator VIP+

    I just got through quitting vaping/smoking. The struggle is real, but the result is worth it. Rely on the people around you. Doing something like this is a good idea to hold yourself accountable. It's an uphill battle so if you slip up, don't be discouraged, get back up and keep pushing, and remember the reasons why you are quitting.

    I started by weening myself off and then switched to nic gum. The nice thing about the gum was that I started craving it less and less and got to the point where I realized I hadn't had any in 3 days.

    You can do it, man.
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  20. Sticky Bandit

    Sticky Bandit Never fall below your standard Banned Legendary

    I smoke once in a while, I enjoy it. We fully understand the risks associated with smoking, and I fully accept that I’m inhaling toxic and carcinogenic shit with every drag. It’s just relaxing every once in a while.

    Vaping though? I won’t touch that. That shit is criminally unregulated. We don’t know what the fuck we’re inhaling with that - at least with smoking I understand the risks.

    good on you for quitting, that last cig is hard lol
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