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    Alrighty I actually have a full album to post this time.

    I never thought I would be liking songs from this artist, let alone a full album. They specialize in explicit rap, which just isn't my genre. But the album I'm about to post is quite a departure from that, in an album I can only describe as soaked in melancholy.

    I've never really liked Kanye West and don't think I ever really will, but 808s and Heartbreak made its way into one of my favorite new discoveries.
    808s and Heartbreak is a electropop/hip hop blend that is full of regrets, emptiness, and the broken promises of a failed relationship. The album has a heavy use of auto tune and minimalism (most songs usually have a basic drum track, piano, minimal bass, and (background) vocals) while fitting in lyrics showing Kanye's personal struggle at this time. Say You Will is the perfect starter, showing exactly what the album is about. Heartless, Welcome to Heartbreak, and Love Lockdown are great more pop focused songs that are really the core of the album. Amazing (the song that got me to listen to the rest of the album) is basic sure, but still catchy as all. Robocop and Paranoid show how broken the relationship that is the main focus of the album. Every other song adds to Kanye's loneliness and struggle, with Pinocchio Story being Kanye's final plead of relief, truly getting everything on his mind out there. Distinctive, catchy, and drenched in loneliness, 808s and Heartbreak gets my recommendation this week.

    also imagine dragons released two new singles and they're both really good imo but if you don't like imagine dragons you probably won't like them but i do and i'm not sorry ok goodbye
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  2. I like beck you like beck oh yeah yeah. beck beck beck mellow gold. i like beck you like beck woo yeah yeah oh yaeh.
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    Apologies for letting this die friends, Had pneumonia and I've just been in a state of death these past few weeks. That being said, Next album I want to recommend is a OST for a video game which in my opinion has some of the best aesthetically pleasing music
    Night in the Woods OST by Alex Holowka (RIP)

    Honestly this is one of my favorite games as it clicked to me as a failing soon to be college dropout, and the OST has stuck with me since, I still make sure to listen to this every once in a while and it gives me chills every time
  4. I've been on a major prog rock kick lately, especially Genesis.

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    my favorite album, words honestly can't describe how much I love this album and this band
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    Ori... Dude... Yes-

    Hope you're doing well dude, that shit sucksss, know it way too well

    And for Muuuuusic Monday, I got for y'all TA13OO by Denzel Curry. Had some dark shit running through my head last week, running these 13 tracks helped a lot. The title refers to the more darker, taboo, subjects on the album, molestion, paranoia, suicide- Sorry for taking y'all down this rabbit hole, but fuck, it's a beautiful album

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    Well since I got admin, this week ima share the namesake of my team.

    Album link

    Once upon a time, in April of 1988, George Harrison was finishing up his album Cloud 9 with Jeff Lynne as his producer. They were releasing a single from that album, 'This is Love', and needed a B-side. Harrison and Lynne invited Roy Orbison, one of the sun studio golden day musicians to come and record with them. Due to the short-notice nature of this recording, they ended up recording at Bob Dylan's home studio instead of a professional studio, thus including Dylan as well. Finally, prior to recording, Harrison went to Tom Petty's Malibu home to pick up a guitar of his, and invited Petty along to play as well.

    They recorded Handle With Care, named after the box in Dylan's garage. When they took the record to Mo Ostin and Warner Bros., they were told that the single was way too good to be a B-side. From Wiki: " In Petty's recollection, Harrison and Lynne then decided to realise their idea of forming a Wilburys band, and first invited him to join before phoning Dylan, who also agreed to join. That night, Harrison, Lynne and Petty drove to Anaheim to see Orbison perform at the Celebrity Theatre and recruited him for the group shortly before he went on stage. In Petty's description, Orbison performed an "unbelievable show", during which "we'd punch each other and go, 'He's in our band, too.' ... We were all so excited.""

    Basically this is an amazing supergroup made of some of the most legendary musicians of the 20th century. And they made 2 and some odd great albums.

    The Wikipedia page is an awesome read-through, and, awesomely, the five of them recorded video a *lot*.

    Here's a short, pretty much autobiographical documentary on their formation + first album. It's well worth a watch:

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    Hey guys, how it do? I'm still alive

    This music monday, In honor of April Fools, I will be sharing an album that No one should listen to, it's honestly terrible
    This album is Planting Seeds by Unkle Adams

    Curtis "unkle" adams is a motivational rapper out of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. he has chased his dream of being a rapper so long he's current over $230K in debt.

    and this is the fruits of his labor (I'm Sorry)

    Link to album:

    Fav songs: None
    Genre: Motivational Rap
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  9. I can't think of any bad music I listen to, so instead, here's a neat album.

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    Hi folks, the guy who listens to too much 2010’s pop-rock is here, with a sweet album I’m 8 years late to enjoying. The 2010’s had a big rise in alt/indie rock, and AM by Arctic Monkeys is a fantastic example. Even though I sampled a good amount of tracks the past few weeks, AM has been my favorite, which I was lead to by @Night.

    The album doesn’t have anything extremely important to say, there isn’t really any wacky instrumentation, but you don’t have to when you got such a slick album. Carried by the vocals (which mainly focus on “club” type relationships), and smooth guitar, every song is just extremely catchy. Do I Wanna Know is the perfect opener, starting off the album with power, and the album has no low point. From the wispy vocals of One For The Road, the “come on come come onnnn”s from No. 1 Party Anthem, the hard chorus from Arabella, the incrediblely sexy riff in Knee Socks, the “oh la la la”s from Mad Sounds, before finally ending in the final punch in I Want To Be Yours, AM is a textbook indie rock album with great riffs that is infinitely replayable.
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  12. This demo tape by small new wave group The Vonsteins is one of my favorite demos. Their style of rock/punk with synths is a pretty neat idea and the execution of it is really good in my opinion. listen listen buy buy uhm yeah.
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    First off... AM... Just fuck yes-

    Secondly, the album I got for y'all today is a bit old, but fantastic to me. Bad Blood (or All This Bad Blood) by Bastille is an album that for many accounts, infected radio stations. Between the well known eh-oh's of Pompeii and the haunting keyboard and bass from the title track, to the beautiful strings on Laughter Lines and the angel vocals on Tuning Out, I highly recommend the album to all of you wonderful peeps

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    Definitely gonna get to this soon. 505 is pretty good and is a nice change of pace compared to AM. Should be fun
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    I thought today I would share several albums that I have enjoyed, but don't have enough to say about to dedicate a full week to.

    I'm going to start with Royal Pain by Damien Murphey, better known as fellow community member marg simsim. A fantastic alternate album with heavy focus on acoustic guitar, marg combines great instrumentation and lyrics with a dream like voice, it's a heavy recommendation from me.

    Self Titled-Jupiter One. Jupiter One was a indie rock band from the late 2000's-ish, and made their way into several sports game soundtracks. Discovered through the Madden 08 bop "Countdown", the whole album has a unique feel to every song, and is quite catchy and has an overall great vibe to it. Favorites include "Wrong Line", "Platform Moon", and the aforementioned "Countdown". This album is sadly only on YouTube.

    Good & Evil, Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum-Tally Hall. Tally Hall is very hard to classify into a single genre, some songs follow classic catchy 2000's pop rock with "Two Wuv", "Cannibal", and "The Bidding", with others are more experimental based like "Ruler of Everything", "Banana Man", and "Turn The Lights Off", more calm songs like "Spring and a Storm'" and "Who You Are", and then we even some electro pop type vibes with "Taken For A Ride" and "Welcome to Tally Hall". The two albums are pretty unique and there is gonna be something in one of them that you'll enjoy. My personal favorites are The Bidding, Ruler of Everything, and Turn The Lights Off. Tally Hall is just a very enjoyable band to listen to.

    SELF-iSH-Will Wood and the Tapeworms. If I were to describe Will Wood in one word it would be intense. A master in insane vocals, great lyrics, and sweet instrumentation with piano and saxophone, SELF-iSH is an album that combines them all to an amazing listening experience. My favorite out of all of it is "Dr. Sunshine is Dead", which feels like an entire anime arc in a single song, the intense beginning, psychotic middle, and somber end.

    I'm not a huge Twenty One pilots fan, but I've enjoyed the two singles released so far for their new album, Scaled and Icy, and will definitely be giving it a listen on release.

    It comes to no one's surprise that Toxicity by SOAD is pretty good, and I don't think I have to explain why.

    Finally, I would like to recommend a film score, the Wolfwalkers Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. It's hard to talk about film soundtracks without talking about the film itself. Wolfwalkers is a 2D animated film from Cartoon Saloon that's available on Apple TV+. It takes place in 1600's Ireland, which should give you a good idea of the how the soundtrack sounds. I really enjoyed the film, and although it plays some typical animated tropes that make it not as accessible to adults as other animated films, I would say to check it out if you're a fan of the art style. Back to the soundtrack itself, it features prominent use of wood based percussion, classical Irish instruments, and strings. The most powerful main melody in the violin (or fiddle idk stringed instruments that well) is beautiful, and overall the soundtrack just sound great. The soundtrack also has a new version of the AURORA song "Running with the Wolves", which I find great, it has subtle instrumentation and never overblow itself, although it ends too quickly for me. It's paired with the best sequence of the film, thus making a rare example of the animated movie pop song break working. It won't be to everybody's liking, but I really enjoyed it. If you want a good sample of this soundtrack, listen to the tracks first two and last two tracks of the album, "Wolfwalkers Theme", "Wolves", "Mebh's Tune", and "Robyn's Tune". Great Celtic/Irish music and a great film.

    That's all for this week.
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  18. No more Arctic Monkeys.

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    my boy wes goes into absolute SICKO mode with this solo
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