Mr. Peanutbutters Pierogis and Kopytka

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    So you want to know how I have so much energy, to get so many hours on the servers despite having so little free time? How i manage to satiate my intense need for food? No fear! I am here to introduce you to a classic PB Livin snack.
    Salted Pierogi and Kopytka! Potato and of cheese edition.

    First you make your pierogis!
    For the filling you will need:
    Potato! cheese! (goat cheese best)! chopped onion! and saurkraut!
    I do not put amounts as when i make pierogi, i do not use amount. I make until i feel i have made enough, to fill my belly and the belly of whomever is in my company.
    For the dough you shall need!
    Alot of flour! Make sure you have enough to prevent the dough from sticking to you!
    Sea salt or kosher salt!
    and hot ass water!

    Google a pierogi tutorial, and figure out how to make pierogi. Too complicated for me to explain to people who arent culinary trained.

    For kopytka! Is just potato, egg , flour, made into a dough and fried. Gets very sticky so use glove! Mix into a nice dough, and roll into dumplings of your preferred shapes. I prefer bite sized bits.

    Get saucepan! Get Oil! Pour into , stovetop on medium. If your highest is 12, lowest is 1, set stovetop to 6. Let wait. Throw in kopytka, and let it fry. Once you can see a rim of cripsy brown around the edges, flip it over. when it is done with the other side to your satisfaction, transfer to plate or bowl, and season with butter and salt. Voila! Kopytka.

    With pierogi, place the "seat" of the pierogi into oil, let it fry for about 2 minutes. Then lay on one side, fro about 4 minutse or until crispy golden brown. And then turn to remaining side, and finish. Season with butter and salt, maybe some garlic.

    Goes well with apple mint drink! Or any homey beverage.

    If you dont want to spend 3 horus prepearing your own to fry, you can buy some at a local eastern european or polish market, just dont buy walmart pierogis for gods sake.

    here is some that i made for work! i like mine a little more crisp. PIEROGI.jpg FINISH.jpg
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    pierogi oki
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    One time I made some and threw them into a pot of goulash and noodle and it was so good. Also get some Ajvar and dip the kopytka in it
  4. So you're telling me this is how you get your energy. And it has nothing to do with the COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF COCAINE YOU USE.
    (Looks good though)
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    Believe it or not my heavy reliance on foreign substance to function on a day to day basis just makes me more hungry, and tired! I need ENERGY from calories!