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Discussion in 'Trails' started by Zoidberg, Oct 29, 2016.

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    Alright the only trail that has a certain color of your rank is the Rank Trail. But what if someone wanted their trail color on something else. For example The Ha Ha trail could be the color of your rank trail. So lets say you're an a Elite and you use The Ha Ha it would be you're rank trail color and or Laser Trail/ LOL Trail and others.

    Edit: Not be able to change the color but have the trails the same color as your rank
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  2. Paradox

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    -1 That would remove the uniqueness of the rank trail.
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  3. The message would still be the same. Could be cool for some but I agree with Vector.
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    I agree with Vector on this one, if you could choose the colour of your own trail, it would ruin the whole rank trail thing we've got goin on. Although, if I read your post right, you'd like other trails to be the colour of your rank? I mean, It could be a good idea if you have a LOL trail and it has a blue background or yellow, etc..
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    I agree with all the above
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