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Discussion in 'Trails' started by Brayden, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. Brayden

    Brayden Silver

    You should make it so you can modfi rank and othor trails and rank trail can NOT Mod and Amin BLUE
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  2. Yatty ☄️

    Yatty ☄️ Yatt'em VIP Silver

    i agre wiff wht he say'in herez

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  3. Togo ✿

    Togo ✿ Nobody Gets it VIP Silver

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  4. Noctorious

    Noctorious Your Best Nightmare VIP Emerald

    Translation: I would like to suggest that players are able to change the color of their trail to a color of their choosing; except for the color of staff rankings which would be reserved for staff only
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  5. Togo ✿

    Togo ✿ Nobody Gets it VIP Silver

    ok thanks
    +1 i guess
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  6. PixeL

    PixeL Man märker andras fel och glömmer sina egna Banned VIP Silver

    I don't really see this being added. It would destroy the purpose of the rank trail.

    I could see maybe having the option to have your rank color on other trails such as Galaxy. So it would be the Galaxy trail and like orange and such for Bronze etc..
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  7. Mr. Disco

    Mr. Disco Jeff Lynne is a musical genius. VIP

    Honestly what if you didn't like the gold color, and instead liked silver. I say +1
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  8. PixeL

    PixeL Man märker andras fel och glömmer sina egna Banned VIP Silver

    I was thinking about how if you bought a high up donator rank, you could use all of the donator ranks below colors.

    EG. You buy Elite. You can use Gold,Silver,Bronze trail colors.
    You're Admin. You can use Mod,User colors. etc..
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  9. ArcticFox29

    ArcticFox29 Creator of lag. Silver

    Never thought I'd say this, but I do miss my mod trail...
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  10. Kyül

    Kyül Caged Bird VIP Bronze

    Why are we such bad people and rate this with Bad Spelling lmao? Yeah im prob gonna check out DR and this sounds nice very similar to my last community (H&S), where depending on what rank you had (some were free and earned through flawless wins or other achievements etc.) you could get different trails, but Staff had special different trails to recognize them easily. I guess even if it doesnt really count, 1+
  11. ArcticFox29

    ArcticFox29 Creator of lag. Silver

    PixeL's idea of having the ability to change your rank color to your current rank or any rank underneath you (staff would stay staff colors) would be kind of neat. I mainly wish that more trails were associated with the rank system on the server. There's a lot of trails on the pointshop that are by default white or another lame color. Would keep things interesting.

    So bland trails like Electric, Plasma (my favorite), Laser, even the LOL trail would be pretty neat to have associated with rank.
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