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Discussion in 'TTT Discussion' started by Hongo, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. Hongo

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    • HK415C should not be a three-shot burst wtf
    • Raging Bull should do much more damage to the body
    • Slightly increase Glock / TEC9 dmg

    • Reduce AK47 fire-rate, it should be firing 200 rounds per minute less than it currently does.
    • Buff AUG damage
    • Reduce M14 Fire-rate
    • HKSL8 fire-rate reduction, buff damage to body shots
    • Scout/Rifle buff damage to body shots, tighten up bullet spread value
    • Slightly increase M16 damage
    • Increase Tommy gun fire-rate, tighten up bullet spread value a bit
    • Buff Kriss Vector dmg, lower fire-rate slightly
    • Buff MP5 Navy dmg

    • Buff double-barrel shotgun damage
    • Tighten up Mossburg bullet spread value
    • Nerf Vanilla shotgun fire-rate by 10-15%
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  2. Pacifist

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    Are you insane?
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  3. Carlton

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    I enjoy this.
  4. Dadly25

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    +1 would cause utter chaos and I love it
  5. Hongo

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    It was nerfed, it didnt need to be.
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  6. It already does more than 100 damage to the body (155 from when I last printed dmglogs from it)-- more damage than anyone has hp. You just have to be close enough with it. Next we'll be hearing that you'd want it to be like release DB where it had 2 individual shots in it that could easy get a double kill, even at a range. Or even re-adding it to pointshop or loadout. Quite a few people since its release had wanted it removed and still do, though the numbers have very slowly dropped. No need for buff, just nerf or removal if anything.
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  7. ThatAintFalco

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    The scout, along with most other sniper rifles on the server, are extremely accurate even at long range if scoped in. If I recall the scout had a 0.001 cone which is 100% accuracy. We also don’t need the damage buff, just seems unnecessary for a sniper rifle that can already one shot to the head.
  8. Satoru

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    Is the hk45c even a 3 round still?
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  9. Vent Xekart

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    The Raging Bull does a hell of a lot of damage when you get a headshot with it. I'm not sure how much it does for body shots but I can only assume it's fairly high. As for the Glock/TEC9 they both could use a bit of a buff in terms of damage.
    One thing I've noticed about the AK-47 in TTT is that it's firing rate is faster than the one in CSS. So I do believe it should be slowed down a bit. I do believe the AUG and M16 do need damage buffs. As for the SL8, didn't you or someone else make a thread about adjusting it already?
    The Tommy Gun is definitely slower than it's real world counterpart, so I do think it needs it's ROF brought up significantly. The KRISS Vector and MP5 in TTT do less damage than their CSS counterparts so they should be adjusted accordingly.
    You're kidding right? I mean seriously, the vanilla shotgun is pretty consistent with it's CSS counterpart including the ROF. So I don't think it needs that many adjustments. As for the double-barrel shotgun, it is already one of the most overpowered weapon on the non-vanilla servers even when it was nerfed.
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  10. wat
  11. Robokiller87

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    No way! Another balance thread! Amazing! Not like the last attempt to balance everything went extremely poorly or anything.
  12. No way! Robokiller87 adding his two cents on a discussion for a server he hasn't played on for the past years, thus having no clue as to how the players, staff, and the general atmosphere of the servers has changed over the years!

    no seriously "it was fine before so let it be" is not a good argument
  13. Silly

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    I think he's trolling, no way anyone thinks like this
  14. *hongo posts his opinion in a concise, organized format*

    "i think hes trolling"

    i mean i dont agree with everything he has to say but what the frick
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  15. Robokiller87

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    If the general atmosphere of the players has truly changed they wouldn't have bitched about all of those balance changes that went through and then were happy that they reverted, but you know I'm just here not knowing what's actually happening and speaking out of my ass. Balancing the guns isn't going to revive this place or stop it from dying any more slowly and saying the same shit to me that's been said for how many years now isn't going to stop me from shitting on stupid ideas any less especially since my comments were basically proven true. It (y) Is (y) The (y) Least (y) Of (y) Your (y) Worries (y) nothing like energizing a player base by riling everyone up about their guns being changed because vocal minority said so.
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  16. Elvis

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    Im not going to read this post, only here to gjve what i have experienced.

    I have contacted highwon multiple times in an effort to get the weapons balanced. I have even offered my own time to do it but he hasnt even responded.

    I can guarantee there wont be anything like this happening for a while.
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  17. When you balance X thing in any game, you do it to stop any frustration between the players. The reason the weapon overhaul was so bad because devs butchered guns that everyone was so accustomed to.. What exactly is a Jackhammer that can fire at a decent speed? What is an AK that doesn't even excel at CQC? The guns weren't just toned down while still having them be so unique, they were, as said, butchered. To say "weapon balance bad because server will still die" is kind of ignorant, no? I mean, there's kind of an end to everything..

    Yeah sure developers are limited, but can you not be so opposed to weapon balance, especially when you aren't even involved?

    Now that I think of it, if anyone should be on the Wall of Shame, its the one who tries to force himself in a Gmod community while also having no regard for the game
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  18. Robokiller87

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    Of course because vocal minority went and ruined everyone's fun.

    All opinions that are bad but ours who play :ROFLMAO: Those 'butchered' balances were from the again vocal minority who decided everything for the majority. It's far from ignorant because you're still talking about the vocal minority. Balances won't change shit. People have their guns they enjoy and not every gun needs to be unique, viable, useable, etc. It's impossible to do that while pleasing everyone and again why do you have to keep stirring the pot? You'll more than likely piss off more people than satisfy...




    They worked as intended because they matched the plans of the loud mouths.

    All because a chunk of players left doesn't mean it's time to try stupid shit again.

    Only reason why I care to even comment is because this has been something I've shat on since the start and idiots needs to be called out literally nothing new from my end. With the entirety of the staff that existed in the past they failed to undertake and balance the guns properly. Why do you think this extremely shrunken down staff would be able to do anything better?
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  19. You ever consider the idea that because the "vocal minority" actually was listened to was because they actually had arguments? Take the notorious SL8 debate, for example. The "vocal minority" would go on that a sniper doesn't deserve a high magazine, fire rate, etc, etc. What did the opposition have to say in return? A simple dumb and a "its fine, other guns are also viable"
    You say that as if you actually played during the overhaul. Really all the overhaul did was increase TTK in general and make the game overall not fun
    Nothing "needs" to be done, but people still want. With your mentality, there wouldn't be a suggestions forums.. People WANT some guns to be viable. People WANT some guns to be on an equal footing with others. Nothing is "necessary"
    Your claims are literally just "balance BAD", at least these so called idiots have some sort of substance in their opinions
  20. Robokiller87

    Robokiller87 Animeme lord VIP Silver Emerald

    Because they "had arguments" to back them up they deserve being listened to? How Did That Turn Out? What about the counterarguments for the balances? Why weren't they listened to? "Bad reasons to not have balancing?" They essentially were pointing out everything I've been saying here which I guess to you is "shit reasoning" yet having arguments didn't exactly prove that balancing is good. None of their arguments legitimately disproved anything that was being counter-argued. It's absolutely bothersome to see how much effort people went and tried to make the balances by fixing every fucking minute detail of every gun stat without dealing with the biggest problem staring them in the face.

    Nothing is necessary. They don't need the balance. They can stop complaining about it so you can stop defending their dumbasses. There's a difference between necessary suggestions and unnecessary suggestions not all suggestions are unnecessary.

    My best argument to any of this is literally precedent and again vocal minority. Hongo doesn't speak for whatever 200 unique people at most or however many people still creep around on the servers and like 20 of them who actually use the forums and neither do you. So what makes me qualified to even say anything myself as little peepeepoopoo always angry man who never played in these servers in 3 years? Precedent. How does anything here change precedent? It's the same script. Vocal minority whines about balancing suggests a slew of changes and once implemented the majority people will bitch the fuck out because they didn't want it. But hey at least he's trying and has his own little argument surely that'll work out like last time right? Precedent. Nothing here is suggesting how to make the majority of people pleased with these changes which is the key issue so you dont just do it because it's 'something to try out.'

    Keep talking I can go at least 10 rounds in the ring with you.
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