Minor Weapon Adjustments.

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  1. old comment but M16 is already pretty accurate, even @ more than 20 meters you can 2/3 shot someone :)

    Also, AK is unfun to play against in Vanilla, you can pretty much decimate up to 4 people with a single mag, no recoil, amazing accuracy and all that coupled with the 60+ damage headshot and the RPS makes this thing a literal killing machine
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  2. Lunar

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    PLEASE Nerf shotguns holy shit it's honestly extremely annoying to be casually playing having fun then boom, one tapped in 0.01 seconds with a shotgun.
  3. Shotguns are unreliable, you can hit all 8 pellets from 50 kilometers away as you can miss all but one at point blank, it's a medium-risk random-reward kind of weapon
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  4. Sheepeasy

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    They are not overpowered as they are. Random hit patterns basically ensure this.


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  6. waffle

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    This aint it chief
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  7. Pokeben10

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    Love me some jackhammer

    (cuz it's busted lol)
  8. waffle

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    Please rethink this! I was 80 health!
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  9. waffle

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    huh wounded btw
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  10. Aquast

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  11. Xproplayer

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    yes nerf jackhammer, buff ump 45 like.... 10-15% damage though