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Discussion in 'Archived Minecraft Discussion' started by Squidd, May 18, 2017.

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  1. Squidd

    Squidd VIP

    So there seems to be a least a small amount of interest, so I'll flesh out a few concepts I've been brewing up.
    Ideally, I'd like to stick to concepts that would be easy to implement (No Custom Plugins, only Vanilla or Pre-Existing Plugin usage). The concept behind these is to use the MC Server as an event server, where monthly contests and events are held for determined prizes or giveaways (?). The games can be anywhere as simple as a Spleef Tournament to a complex team based race to the finish-esque map. I think we could really utilize this and turn it into a fun way to make use of a currently silent server we're paying for, and to grow as a community and make new friends through these games.

    So the idea running in my head is that tournaments would ideally be held Bi-Weekly or Monthly, and we'd give away TTT Ranks (or other prizes people wish to add to the prize pool which would be really cool to see), so nobody has to give real money out as a prize to make these happen. Whether or not this is something @Highwon would wish to provide for us or not is simply down to him, but we could find other ways around if it it's something that just wouldn't work.

    So what kind of games would we want? I've been thinking of a few more complex and fun ideas that I'll now flesh out into full concepts. Any feedback from both players and the Developers (@Deathbyrussian , @irritatingness ) is appreciated, as I'd like to make it easier on them to implement.

    Without further adieu, game concept #1;

    Ultra Hardcore Survival

    Ultra Hardcore Survival (UHS) is a 3-4 man team based survival game where players are given a long list of difficult tasks or quests all worth varying amounts of points within a time limit. At the end of the time limit, players will receive a survival bonus based on how many players on their team are alive, and then points will be tallied and victors will be announced.

    UHS would ideally be set in different copies of the same relatively small, groomed, world for separate teams to promote an even playing field for all players (This is one of the concerns I have for the server limitations. Is this possible Devs?)
    Friendly fire would be on, Hardcore is obviously on, and we'd be using an Ultra Hardcore Difficulty that can be found through many plugins that do things from increase enemy stats like HP, Attack, and Speed, to change spawn scenarios for certain mobs
    (Ghasts spawn at night, zombies spawn en masse, Nights are always Lightning Storms) . The only thing that I could think of right now that would have to be edited is drop rates on items required for summoning bosses (Ender Pearls, Blaze Powder, and Wither Skeleton Heads), so players can more viably kill bosses within the allotted time.

    Tasks may be completed in any given order within the time limit (Probably 4-6 hours depending on Staffs/Volunteers/Players availability). Tasks range from fairly minor things like creating a diamond suit of armor, to defeating EndGame Bosses. Task Lists are per team, not per player. Tasks will most likely have to be confirmed by available staff members or trustworthy volunteers for the event.

    I'll come up with a few tasks with *'s to show the relative score amount for the task completed. Do know that right now I am drinking after a long day of work, so balance changes and suggestions are required/appreciated.

    - Create an enchanting table (*)
    - Craft a full suit of diamond armor (*)
    - Make a Cake (*)
    - Obtain a Creeper Head (**)
    - Survival Bonus (**'s per player survived)
    - Create a working TNT Cannon (***)
    - Defeat 300 Zombies (Plugin counting mob kills required) (5 *'s
    - Collent 10 Ghast Tears (5 *'s)
    - Raid an Ocean Monument (7 *'s)
    - Defeat the Wither (10 *'s)
    - Defeat the Ender Dragon (14 *'s)
    And Many More!
    Players will complete tasks based on how easy their particular group finds them, and points are all tallied up at the end. There may be more interesting "End of Game" Bonus points awarded, but for now I'll leave the concept as is to receive some feedback.

    I'm going to leave this thread as is right now, but I'll make up my other concept and edit it in when I get around to it (Scavenger Hunt). If you're reading this still, thanks for making it this far. I hope we can all come up with new and interesting ways to use the SMC Server and have a good time doing so instead of becoming a meme like Deathrun. Thanks
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  2. Skyrossm

    Skyrossm Ideal Female Moderator? VIP Emerald Bronze

    I would certainly enjoy something like this, even if I had to help out with completed tasks but none the less, +1 :woot:
  3. The Law

    The Law You fought the law and the law won. VIP Silver Emerald

    I'm in full support of the concept idea. I'd like to see something like this become a reality. +1.
    (I'd also like to see FTB at a later point)
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