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  1. Royal Viking

    Royal Viking Nordmann VIP

    Hey, I'm Royal Viking - Royal stands for me and my friends old COD clan, Viking 'cause I am a Viking:cool:
    Can't come up with any fun facts...
    Favourite food: Tacos (The Norwegian variant).
    My dream job: Being a professional football player (not the American bs).
    Favourite game ever might be GTA V. Still play it 5 years later, brought so much joy over the years with my friends.
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  2. ThatAintFalco

    ThatAintFalco Trial Moderator VIP

    Name/User: Eric/ThatAintFalco
    Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers or ice cream
    Fun Fact: I’ve never broken a bone in my body and when I was little I was able to say the alphabet backwards really fast
    Pet Peeve: People trolling others for no reason
    Dream Job: Nothing big really, maybe customer service or working at a hotel
    Favorite Game: Super Smash Bros because it’s hella fun and there’s a large variety of characters and maps to choose from (also my name is a famous meme if you were wondering)
    How am I doing?
    Doing alright tbh, trying to stay positive each and every day and get through my last 3 months of high school before I’m finally free
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  3. Panda With a Gun

    Panda With a Gun CHINA NUMBA ONE Moderator VIP Emerald


    Panda With a Gun/xcdfvgb
    I’m pretty boring. Been playing the violin for the past 6:7(?) years. I’m planning to start piano lessons this summer as well as an internship.
    Favorite food: Fettuccine Alfredo
    Pet peeve: Im not sure.
    Dream job: This is still up in the air as well.
    Favorite game and why: Of all time, Star Wars Battlefront 2004. Use to play it all the time when I was younger. Right now, Garry’s Mod since I’ve been playing for 5 years and VR Chat for the conversations you can have with people.
    How ya doin?: Fine. Screw chemistry though.
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  4. Zuko

    Zuko VIP Bronze

    Name/User: Julian/Zuko
    A few fun facts about yourself: :shrug:
    Favorite food: Pizza
    Pet peeve: People walking slowly in front of you
    Dream job: Psychiatrist
    Favorite game and why: Don't have a favourite game, but I'm eagerly waiting for Ghost of Tsushima.
    How ya doin?: Great
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  5. Ronald McDonald

    Ronald McDonald Ran Ran Ru! VIP

    Michael Schumacher! My dad showed me videos of him and want to be as good driver as him! ;w;
  6. Genesis

    Genesis VIP

    Favorite band is Genesis.
    Favorite Movie is Jacob's Ladder.
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  7. Tedelicious

    Tedelicious The knight in white armor! Elite

    Name/User (or both lol): Jordi/Ted
    A few fun facts about yourself: I
    like to help people while i dislike most people.
    Used to do playground fairs for kids during the summertime.
    Used to give to the poor people in the nearby city.
    Still giving stuff yearly to a foster home in thailand.
    Favorite food: Chicken nuggets :pigeon:

    Pet peeve:
    people who enter my working place for the 50th trillionth time and still ask every time where they can find their stuff even though they know where it is better then me ... (I can get foreigners asking where the stuff is).
    People who see something on our website and say your webshop has it so that makes it that I need to have it in store.
    People who shop without glasses but try to read medical stuff which is deff a small lettertype.
    People who believe the newspaper.
    People who think the news only shows the actual news.
    News channels who think a happy start of a new year is to do a deathcount.
    Elections who can count faster then a computer. Handwritten bills have to be counted on 18:00 pm and the outcome is known on 18:01 pm...
    People who hurt animals (not the butchers, i need them).

    Dream job: if bill gates quits, i will take over :angelic: ps anybody here needs a backup job?
    Favorite game and why: battlefront 2 (the old school one, i hate the new trash they make) i love how you can play with 100 AI's that function instead of playing with 5 who can only follow you, yeah progress i guess....
    How ya doin?: Good, typing this whilst on holiday :photogenic:
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  8. danstorm

    danstorm VIP

    Name/User (or both lol): danstorm (name is kinda similar to my username)
    A few fun facts about yourself: I play guitar (both electric and accoustic), I live in a village, I go to a high school in a different town and I live in boarding school during the week, A grade student despite my stupidity.
    Favorite food: Spaghetti, pilav and schnitzel
    Pet peeve: Waiting, politics, being lied to
    Dream job: Having an easy job and working close to my family and friends
    Favorite game and why: Gmod! The only multiplayer game you can't rage at unless you really put an effort to.
    How ya doin?: I'm actually doing pretty well, I'm close to graduating and I can't wait for the summer to begin!
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  9. Drunk Dog Christmas Dog

    Drunk Dog Christmas Dog i'm thinking i'm thinking VIP

    Name/User (or both lol): drunk dog christmas dog/christopher
    A few fun facts about yourself: i recently started getting deja-vu like 20 times a day
    Favorite food: tonkatsu
    Pet peeve: people who have strong opinions on things they haven't/can't experience(ed)
    Dream job: composer
    Favorite game and why: smash (melee/ultimate). just good shit goddammit.
    How ya doin?: bla edaeifnaeuopwrjonvjernerj aahhhhhhhhhhhhh
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  10. Finny

    Finny New Member

    guess it's time to stop lurking.

    Name/User (or both lol): Finny (F.K.A Deku)

    A few fun facts about yourself: i have no redeeming qualities, but i have recently started to get into dancing! (no, i'm not good at it)

    Favorite food: as boring as it sounds, chicken w/rice cannot be beaten. <3

    Pet peeve: smart-asses. just smug people in general.

    Dream job: a pro-wrestler, but i'd love to do some voice acting as well!

    Favorite game and why: i'm a huge fan of mystery. Ace Attorney, Danganronpa and L.A. Noire are really good games! maybe this is why i've been a big fan of TTT?

    How ya doin?: content!
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  11. 11Cent

    11Cent : ) VIP

    Name/User (or both lol): 11Cent/Miles
    A few fun facts about yourself: I can play the baritone horn, i have slept in a igloo
    Favorite food: Salmon
    Pet peeve: shopping without purpose
    Dream job: Rcmp patrol officer
    Favorite game and why: STAR WARS Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast./ Jedi Academy i grew up on it and i have lots of memories with it
    How ya doin?: Good, just finished all my pre grad stuff like prom and such.
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  12. Aria

    Aria Smalls Arms and Terrible At Video Games Moderator VIP

    Name/User (or both lol):
    • Real Name: Ashlyn
    • In-Game Name: Aria
    A few fun facts about yourself:
    • Im obsessed with dinosaurs.
    • I work at an Old Time Photography Place in Wisconsin.
    • I have two dogs. A Saint Bernard and a German Shepherd/Border Collie Mix.
    Favorite food:
    • Chili Cheese Fritos
    • Spaghetti
    Pet peeve:
    • People who chew with their mouths open.
    Dream job:
    • Lawyer
    Favorite game and why:
    • Game: Lucius
    • Why: I enjoyed the storyline and I got to kill my whole family so that was a plus.
    How ya doin?:
    • Right now, pretty okay. MY CO-WORKERS NEED TO LEARN THEIR JOBS THOUGH.
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  13. Hongo

    Hongo VIP

    Name/User (or both lol): hongo
    A few fun facts about yourself: rdm
    Favorite food: mushrome
    Pet peeve: liberals
    Dream job: tree man
    Favorite game and why: garys mod rdm
    How ya doin?: he
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  14. Awwww hell yerr.

    Name/User: Stiffler's Mom/B

    A few fun facts about yourself: I worked with a guy training dogs for local police departments and Schutzhund/IPO clubs before moving to my own thing, I'm a green belt in BJJ, have done Muay Thai and I tend to cook and bake random shit. Maybe if I don't get banned for 120 days again over a spray I'll upload a video of my fights (only have done grappling tournaments).

    Favorite food: Oatmeal. I just love the shit.

    Pet peeve: People with no social awareness or can't pick up on social queues.

    Dream job: Nutritionist/Physical Therapist

    Favorite game and why:

    Childhood: Pikmin. Out of any game of my childhood, Pikmin sticks out the most.
    Current game: Project Ascension. WoW for free, random abilities and also during vanilla. Playing horde on Shadowsong hit a nibba up.

    How ya' doin?: Yeehaw, partner.
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  15. Vent Xekart

    Vent Xekart VIP Bronze

    Name: Vent Xekart (Also goes by Vent and/or Venty)
    Fun Facts:
    -I have High Functioning Autism with a dash of ADHD, all of which is wrapped up with clinical depression.
    -Currently working my ass off towards getting my Associates in Photography and Media.
    -I know how to play the piano but I'm really rusty.
    -I have a Youtube Channel where I post up a variety of content, mainly YTPs and/or shorts I've made in Source Filmmaker.
    Favourite Food: Cannolis
    Pet-Peeves: The Alt-Right, Incels, Politics, Bronies, Weaboos, EA, and Activision.
    Dream Job(s): Unmanned Aerial Photographer and/or Scientific Photographer.
    Favorite Game(s) and why:
    -Childhood: Lego Rock Raiders, had a bunch of the sets when I was a kid and I fell in love with the game when I was a wee lad.
    -Current Game: One of my more recent favorites I've been able to play on my current PC (My previous rig couldn't run it) is Space Engineers. I love survival mode in the game so far but I'd love to built some shit in sandbox mode too.
    How ya' doin: Just going with the flow for the moment.
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  16. scuffed water

    scuffed water #TheScuffedFamily Lead Admin VIP Bronze

    I mean since people are doing this, might as well.

    Name: Scuffed Water/Ryan
    Things Bout Me:
    - I play football and run track for a D1 powerhouse highschool
    - My favorite game was Pokémon Red
    - Game I'm looking forward to is Borderlands 3
    - My goal is to get into a D1 school on scholarship for sports
    - Uhhhhhh hoes mad
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    SLUGTAIL New Member

    Name/User (or both lol): hi, im slug
    A few fun facts about yourself: i like growing mushrooms and touching moss
    Favorite food: ribs, i like to gnaw on the bones
    Pet peeve: bullies
    Dream job: animator
    Favorite game and why: nier automata because the soundtrack
    How ya doin?: good

    uh, be my friend, im nice
  18. Name/User (or both lol): Holly! But in game name is Mr Peanutbutter.
    A few fun facts about yourself: My boots cost more than anything i own, i am friendly, i am baby
    Favorite food: Rare filet mignon with mashed potato, mixed vegetables, and a stella artois european cidre
    Pet peeve: People being idiots
    Dream job: National Geographic photographer
    Favorite game and why: Hmmmmmmm Deus Ex human revolution, i had the most hours in it. loved it. great atmosphere.
    How ya doin?: my back hurts :(
  19. Name/User (or both lol): Middle Finger (Bill)
    A few fun facts about yourself: I have a usb with about 20k memes on it, I enjoy talking about building computers with friends
    Favorite food: Pizza, although, you can’t go wrong with a good cheeseburger (i love you 3000)
    Pet peeve: Making plans and having to cancel at last second (happens a lot )
    Dream job: I really don’t know. Honestly I wish I could get paid to game with my friends.
    Favorite game and why: Resident Evil 4, I just love the game’s horrorness and its perfect quick time events. Oh yeah, and it has inventory tetris.
    How ya doin?: Years ago, when I was backpacking across western Europe, I was just outside Barcelona, hiking in the foothills of mount Tibidabo..
  20. Fiz

    Fiz hey Moderator VIP

    great soundtrack for a great game
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