Rejected Mars Colony

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  1. [​IMG]

    Traitor Tester - Requires 3 blue batteries in order to work!

    Laser Cannon (For traitors) - Use 1 credit to activate, step behind it and press USE key to rotate it. Left mouse button shoots it.

    Air Processing Unit (fan) - Located in the gray-colored sector. Traitors can modify the gas distribution system to replace the air in the airlock with toxic gas, killing people inside.

    Wall-mounted weapon racks - Consists out of 15 (5 shotguns, M16's, rifles) guns.

    Traitor Room (Located at end of the gray-colored sector, near the Traitor tester and the offices.) - Only Traitors can open the doors.

    Playable electric piano - Can be found in the Bar.


    Known issues:

    - Air Processing sector's corridors are too small, and can get crowded very easily.
    - Missing decal texture at the bar's entrance.
    - Doors open too slowly. (Blame the multiplayer lag, but I'll make them faster anyway.)

    Coming in the next version:

    - Issues above will be fixed.
    - More secrets!
    - Another outdoor area.
    - More hideouts and air ducts.
    - More Innocent goals.
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    If this is the one that is on the workshop, then I can almost guarantee it will get denied based on the map's file size alone which is 130mb.
  3. It is :(

    Lock plz
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