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Discussion in 'TTT Discussion' started by BeautifulButterfly, Jan 14, 2015.

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    This thread is a bit dead, someone with some hammer experience like me or @Vector should breathe some new life in eh?
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    Can we get some updated tutorials
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    What do you mean
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    Does anyone know how to get to the bottom of the map on metropolis
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    You have no power over me
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    You can always just search for the map in the workshop, people tend to post about the secrets there.
  8. has anybody figured out how to get the secret knife on datmap?
  9. Did you even read all the thread pages before asking?
  10. Thank you for being so nice, looks like I missed 1 post when I was thread searching a while back
    • Go outside and under the dock; you'll see a red button to push.
    • Next go to the second level of the bunker. You'll find a freezer. In the bottom shelf of one of the shelves you'll find another button.
    • Next go to the bottom level. In the far back you'll find a staircase to an un-openable door with another button on top.
    • Return to the lever room. In the corner there's a bunch of boxes. Get them out of the way.
    • The corner floor piece is destroyable. Destroy it. Fall down the hole. Secret room.
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  11. Shattered

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    The levers aren't needed, only the buttons need to be pressed.
  12. Fixed. Well that would have saved me a lot of deaths.

    On an unrelated note does anyone know the new method to get to the secret room/knife on the updated highrise? The first three steps are the same as previously mentioned but apparently there's a fourth step now I'm unaware of.
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  14. Imgur link is dead any chance of a re-upload had no luck finding it
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    This thread has been dead for a little bit, lets bring it back alive.
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    Or we should lock this down..
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    video for 67th way is univalible now
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  18. Death

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    Does anyone know how to get the knife on Signal V2.. I will do unspeakable things to learn how to get it. :D:p
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    lifetheroof.. Someone please