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    Never seen that before...
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    No clue. Looking into after I upload my new map.
    This is under the house that leads to the basement. Correct?
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    Checking when I get home after upload of community pool v2
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    Its breakable. Just find the right spot and break it with any weapon that does damage.
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    Nice, I have never noticed this being in the map.
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    is there a way to get the secret knife on highrise?
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    Thanks bro! I'm going to use this to wreck everything.. And everyone.
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  9. I have seen on the map though of what appears to be buttons on the walls of some rooms. Maybe in a certain order we can actually check them out and see what the key has to do with them?
  10. there was a teleporter in that room that took you to this secret room. Too many players were being stuck in there.
  11. I've tried following your steps numerous times and made sure I was doing each step right, but I can never get the bench to slide into the wall
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    Because that's the old version of datmap.
  13. damn
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    bumping for storehouse secret knife help. we have found three of the four buttons with the last button's hint being "somewhere on a roof top"
    first is near the long ladder off the side of storehouse top roofs, on a pair of cabinets. pretty obvious because it's button shaped.
    second appears on top of vending machine after the first button, requires a prop to reach it
    third appears in basement in the highlighted area after the second button appears.
  15. Last knife button is located on the roof where the knife is located in; the lower roof located by an explosive barrel:
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    So has anyone been able to find out what the buttons on Scavenge do?
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  17. Whaleton

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    they're for a secret knife which is in the ruined building segment, i've gotten it a few times but can't consistently replicate it
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    Well are there other buttons that need to be pressed or what?
    I know of one in on of the shops and another on the roof of the hotel. Does the money have anything to do with it?
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    there's one near the railroad as well. the one in the shop is the first one and the times i've gotten it i've pressed the hotel second and the railroad third. however, i can't seem to always activate the hotel button.
  20. So how do you get the secret knife on ttt_highrise_r1? The one on page 2 is obsolete and is for a older version of the map.
    On the current version there is no turtle and blowing up 3 barrels does not trigger a thunder sound. The button behind the canisters is still there, but there is a second button near where the turtle is supposed to be. There is also baby dolls everywhere on top of the building where the turtle is. So anyone know how to do it in this version of the map?