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    Yes, once the teleporter is activated it's first come first serve and deactivates itself after anyone uses it. However if you want to combat people stealing the hard earned knife you can grab the turtle and bring it to the helicopter with you then throw it before getting in.

    I notice on 67th and community pool a lot of people get the knife before you because the door opens while you are still running back to door.
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    Good call. Kill anyone with turtles if you are a T. No one will care, they just want that damn turtle xD
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    Now if you really want to screw with people there are 4 turtles on the whole map and only the one on the ledge is the one that will activate the secret.

    I like to do the secrets as a T so I get a free knife, stab someone and buy another from the shop. Also get left alone because they can't kill you for running around the map like a crazy person.
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    Anyone knows what this key does?
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    I've looked into this and I haven't found anything in the entire map that triggers or filters via a key. This prop has no input or output logic, all triggers have been checked for this prop to activate, and all filters have been checked. I though this may have something to do with the picture of the map creator in the spectator room but even looking into the possibility of a secret way of getting there I have found nothing. The spectator room is literally constructed out of 4 walls, a spectator spawn node, and a light. Also all rooms have been accounted for seeing as how you can spectate and find most hidden rooms pretty easily which would hint at where this would lead to but there is nothing I can find.

    I speculate that this is a leftover from something else that used to be in the map or plans make something and never finished it or maybe he added it just so everyone would try to see what it opened. Which also begs the question, I found no evidence of a teleport or hidden way into that spectator only room which leads me to believe the only possible way to get there is by noclip of some form. Unless the map was coded in a way to secretly allow the mapmaker to noclip bypassing server controls I see no feasible way to get there without access to sv_cheats command or a staged picture. If you haven't seen the picture I mentioned you can do a quick forum search for it as its posted in another thread.
  6. Anyone know how to get the secret knife on ttt_highrise?

    So far I know that:
    1. Bring a box or barrel or something to the wall nearest the collapsible balcony.
    2. Use it to jump onto the powerbox, then jump to the hanging platform.
    3. There's an invisible ladder on the ladder on the wall. It will take you up one level, to a path that goes around the front of the building.
    4. On the other side there's another hanging platform, then an actual ladder to the roof.
    5. Part I don't 100% understand: on the roof there's a bunch of baby doll. I'm not sure EXACTLY what you have to do with them but I typically just toss them all the roof.
    6. Anyway going to the back corner of the roof there's a turtle.
    7. Pick this turtle up, throw him off the roof.
    8. Now go to the other side off the roof and safely jump off.
    9. Climb the elevators to get on the giant crane.
    10. The crane will lead you to a ledge on the opposing building of which you were just on
    11. There's a little nook to enter the building. You'll be on a ledge. People often come up here to snipe.
    12. On the other side of the ledge is a bunch of propane tanks.
    13. Blow em up, or move em.
    14. There's a button in the corner.
    15. Press the button.
    And that's as far as I got. The person showing me it said something about that button activating an elevator, but nothing happened. Looking at 67thway's hidden knife I assume there just might be more buttons, but I haven't had time to check lately.
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    The knife for Highrise has been posted on page 2 of this thread already.
  8. Oh pfffht thank you. I only saw the first picture and thought that was it. That's what I get for not scrolling.
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    Anyone know how to get down into this room on 67th way?
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    There's a way for you to get theDatmap knife without even following the steps correctly ;)
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    The door that leads to that room was purposely locked from the staff because that room caused too much problems.
    So at the moment, no. But you can request for the door to be unlocked here.
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    I know how to request things lololol but what kind of problems????
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    All I know is that it did cause problems for the staff.
    Best guess is that players get stuck in that room and/or basically camp.
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    With the update to Datmap there has been another step added to getting the secret knife. Now instead of the 4 trashcans its a total of 5. The 5th is next to the T room in the main area. Same type of trigger, place a prop into it as well as the other 4 and the room will open.

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  15. Anyone know how to enter the End on minecraft b5? I remember doing it years ago before i joined STTT, but I don't remember. All I know is that you can only propclimb in, which is against the rules.
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    This should be covered in the first post, when you get all the diamond ore blocks and place them into the furnace a diamond block will appear out. Take this block upstairs into the chest on the third floor with the signs and it will teleport all living players into the end with a game win message for innocents.
  17. I've done this before, problem is, it doesn't take you into the end.
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    What program is this?
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    I use Hammer, it is the map making software that comes from valve with most source games. To browse maps in this editor they must be decompiled into a format that it can read. I use Vmex to decompile them from .bsp into .vmf and open them up for browsing in hammer.
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    Anyone know how to get in here? It just appeared today when I was a detective. ( 67th way )