Denied Magafe's Ban appeal

Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by Magafe, Feb 16, 2014.

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  1. Magafe

    Magafe Banned

    Your In Game Nickname: Who's Magafe now Everybody hates Magafe
    Your Steam ID:confused:TEAM_0:1:53737484
    Which Server:
    East, West, West 2
    Reason for ban: Conflict of Interest
    Why should you be unbanned:
    I have one MASS RDM ban from a mod named Gristle McThornbody who was a very bad mod because he banned me without letting me explain my part of the situation and didn't even slay me. Claimed I killed a traitor for no reason without even asking why I killed him.

    I have two karma bans for REPSOL, AND OTHERS TRYING TO SAVAGE ME and I killed 3 of them with a H.U.G.E and someone told them to stop and they stopped then I became the best with the huge. Then I got karma banned, then was unbanned by a Mod : Zabiba : joined back then was banned again.

    Couple months later - Banned for telling someone I was going to jihad them . Even though I was already kos'd and doing traitorous things.

    Then I was perma banned.

    Then banned on smoking guns after my perma ban

    I feel like I should be unbanned because for someone known as a "Troll" was the ex top player of east , ex mod , ex regular player with over 500 hours played on one server since August 28th. I have like 1 legit ban which was Ban Evasion on smokingguns which that account was unbanned and I haven't played on your server with that account since but that was only one day. Karma bans that were instant took off. But if you want to go with the odd bans
    2 Karma bans, 1 MASS RDM Ban, 1 "Ghosting" Ban, 1 Conflict of Interest. But if my personally means i'm a troll. I'm not going to change I will always be the same no matter what happens or what people say. *SALUTE*

    A very nice quote for the people who say someone changed when they became a mod
    When someone tells you, “You’ve changed,” it might simply be because you’ve stopped living your life their way.

    Someone who deserves the punishment he got - viewtopic.php?f=9&t=4066&p=31157&hilit=Manly#p31157

    Evidence of innocence:


    My only account I entered the server with was smokingguns after my perm ban was already on me.

    I got this after I was already banned off the forums for like a 1 day for spamming I think. Just because I made a topic called "Tickling" under Off-Topic Discussion. And I was banned so I didn't get the warning for one more account perma ban.


    I was banned for conflict of interest I don't know what that means but I know people who wanted refunds were banned for it and ph4ntom for doing op666 or being apart of it or for being accused of doing it, Something like that. I don't know my reason but If someone will tell me would be nice.

  2. DocFox

    DocFox The Best Is Yet To Come VIP Silver Emerald

    I will lock this appeal, as it will be discussed among the staff. If you would like to add anything, you may PM one of us.

    Appeal: Pending
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