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  1. Amatsu

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    As the topic title says, why not create some sort of lottery system, similar to what the TTT servers have available? It could be a means of wealth being redistributed, as well as give those with lots of money something to risk possibly all of it on. Unfortunately, I do not know if a addon or plugin exists to handle this already, but I think it might be a good idea and I'm a bit surprised no one has suggested this yet.
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  2. Tinbuster00

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    I'd like this more if there was a real way to reliably earn money. In TTT for example you get money passively.
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  3. EhhChris

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    I'm sure there's already a lottery plugin out there somewhere, but it wouldn't exactly be difficult to program a custom one if not. Though I'd have to agree, it'd be better with a more reliable way to earn money.