Keep reports against staff hidden

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RB1008, Apr 30, 2019.

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    Btw sorry to derail continue
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    Nah, this is transparency.
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    I'll just make reports in q&a section like the good old days if this happens

    @neutral knows I would
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    you motherfucker....
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  5. Agent A

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    You know it wouldn't be a bad idea to treat the reports/ban appeal section like qna.
    It's far easier to monitor and less people would be banned for posting where they shouldn't be posting (yes I know. This includes me).
    Transparency would still be there in the relevant posts.
    If a staff had a melt down on the reports, they can be approved to demonstrate the point.
    If there are some posts that get deleted, Teroxa would, at very least, be able to see them and correct any problems if occurred (since I know he does look at appeals/staff complaints).
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  6. Teroxa

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    I'll address the idea of making it a moderated sub real quick.

    Personally, I'm not a fan of that idea for reasons largely already mentioned by others above.
    If the staff decides what goes into staff reports and what gets rejected before it's ever public, I couldn't blame people if they decide to call us out for some sort of censorship. I'd rather have all responses be public and warn later if necessary. That's a small price to pay for the transparency it brings.
    You'll also see that we almost never delete posts from staff reports, for the same reason. It should all stay public and accessible.
    That would be similar to someone being on trial, but the defendant and their attorney decide what evidence is being presented and what witnesses are allowed to appear.
    Sure, you can trust them to handle it all fairly, but you won't see that process. In the end it's a lot more transparent to just keep everything public from the beginning.

    Now I know that we've been insta-locking reports lately.
    But that's in no way meant to continue. It was appropriate due to the circumstances at the time, but we're not planning to keep that up.
    Once things calm down, it'll go back to normal and reports will stay open.
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