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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RB1008, Apr 30, 2019.

  1. RB1008

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    So lately i notice a trend in bashing and reporting staff for the smallest of things. I wont say names but several players keep popping up at these reports.

    Not only that but these reports seem to be very attractive for randoms who think they should leave a comment.

    I want to suggest the possibility to keep reports against staff between the persom reporting and the staff involved. Nobody else has any part in these reports.

    Staff is here for us, they kept the server alive... So give the respect they deserve.

    Kind regards,
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  2. neutral

    neutral Banned VIP

    They were in the past- majority of reports were reported via DMs, etc., but then they weren't being handled. Even when public reports are barely being handled.
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  3. PixeL

    PixeL Man märker andras fel och glömmer sina egna Banned VIP Silver

    I personally think that transparency is great.
    Meaning, there's really no reason to hide such reports since.. people may think we're doing exactly that, hiding staff mistakes, not dealing with them.

    As for the randoms leaving comments, this can easily be solved by pre-locking the thread as we've been doing once we see it and think people will potentially comment on it.
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  4. neutral

    neutral Banned VIP

    That actually brings up a good point. If this is going to be the new go-to method, why doesn't the report section just get set to a moderated subform like Q&As?
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  5. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Moderator VIP

    Transparency is good, if a player sees a report against a staff member, they might have some other complaints or things they've noticed that staff member doing incorrectly before too, and they may want to contribute to the report.

    Also I'm nosy. -1
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  6. PixeL

    PixeL Man märker andras fel och glömmer sina egna Banned VIP Silver

    It's nothing official at the moment. Obviously it's up to the admin/staff member to lock it. It normally isn't a problem and I don't wanna spread the wrong message and say like "we're gonna lock all new reports!!"
    but, this could be brought up internally with the big lead boi to make it moderated.

    Honestly a pretty good idea imo.
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  7. Elvis

    Elvis Resurrected. Moderator VIP

    its all about that transparency bro
  8. Elvis

    Elvis Resurrected. Moderator VIP

    This is better than pre locking a report. It still lets players who can contribute post, while throwing away the garbage comments that arent needed.

    If this is implemented, it would mean a change in ruling for commenting on reports. If the comment is never going to be public the person shouldnt get warned for it imo.
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  9. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Moderator VIP

    And we still get to waste staff time and stick them with our funny jokes :cool:
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  10. Sticky Bandit

    Sticky Bandit Never fall below your standard Legendary

    The thing about the moderation queue is: only staff can see it - kinda the point. It would ruin the transparency aspect of public reports.
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  11. Elvis

    Elvis Resurrected. Moderator VIP

    Then i suggest all staff be able to see the deleted posts from the reports section. Not all staff members are friends and not all will do something malicious. The public can rely on those staff memebers to make sure the information is put on the thread.
  12. neutral

    neutral Banned VIP

    Transparency is ruined when threads are locked and people can’t respond anyways. You only get responses from those who are willing to jump through the hoops of contacting a staff member and waiting for them to unlock it.

    With moderatated posts, if someone was trying to hide something then the rest of the staff team would see it- and that peer accountability is usually pretty effective. also if it was denied, usually if someone has an unjustified post has something denied that shouldn’t be, they let it be known.
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  13. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Moderator VIP

    This doesn't effect transparency, all relevant report stuff is still open to the public once the shitposting is filtered out.

    Also, what Legolas just said.
  14. Elvis

    Elvis Resurrected. Moderator VIP

    It can affect transparency if the comments that are meant to add context to the report are deleted by the reported staf or by another staff helping the reported staff.

    Edit: poorly worded. Corrected
  15. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Moderator VIP

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  16. Zuko

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  17. Elvis

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    Whos legolas lmao
  18. Jabba the Slut

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    You are elf man Tolkien spawn
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  19. Elvis

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    Oh fuuuuck lmaooooo

    Bro look closer at my pfp and tell me what you see hahahah
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    Ayy lmao that's not William Turner, son of Bootstrap Bill Turner, wtf
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