Justice for illusiong55, our leader, our grace

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gerafe, Sep 7, 2020.

  1. gerafe

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    To start, it does not matter who I am. I am a member of a more important revolution taking place on this server right now. Today on our very own SGM servers, a prophet of the name illusiong55 joined. We as a server determined him as a castaway, trash. He was thrown from the rooftops, he had hundreds of reports against him as we determined him too powerful and too great to play with us while no mods were on.

    After two hours of us beating the shit out of him, moderator @Frost joined. He was quickly moved by the massive amount of reports and banned our savior for 5 days. When this happened, me and my brothers saw the light. We realized illusiong55 was not a bad child, but our leader, our king. We demanded frost unban him and became organized to deliver our demands here as well.

    illusiong55 has been unbanned, but this is far from what is needed to reprimand the disgusting authoritarian fascist server in place today. We demand the following:

    1. illusiong55 will be made owner of the server effective immedietaly
    2. moderators @Klutch and @LBPotatoes will be stripped of all power as they acted as terrorists to our peaceful protests
    3. @Frost will be stripped of his power as he has told me he no longer wishes to be on the authoritarian side of power and would rather hand the power to the people.
    4. Despacito will be banned

    These are our demands and they will be met. Me and my brothers will refuse to play TTT and remain unarmed victims of suicide bombings and assassinations until you change this. This will be a terrible look for the TTT server otherwise.

    We have been victims and it has been too long. I have a dream that one day this server will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all players are created equal." illusiong55 stands for this creed and under him we server its purpose. This is my dream today.


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  2. LBPotatoes

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    and yes we warned them to change their names
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  3. gerafe

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  4. Wojack

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    I was just staffing, I'd prefer not to be a part of this lol
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  5. flamingo

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    This is my dream too! Illusiong55 is a real man, a real king, a real jesus, and not some kid we bullied for hours to be forgotten. Although I was one of many to bully him and cast him from the rooftops, I too realised he was our savior when he was banished for five days by those tyrannical mods, only to come back just minutes later. Thus, I joined my brothers in protest of the the tyranny of mods in the SGM servers and in support of illusiong55 becoming the owner of the server to correct all the injustice plaguing our good people.

    But those disgusting tyrants, the mods, tried to silence our protests. I was there when we were fire bombed and suicide bombed over and over. I was there when Ronald Reagan suicide bombed our peaceful protest killing many of us. And I was there when the server itself deigned that Reagan be punished for his crimes. Indeed, he was karma banned. However, there is still great injustice, for Ronald Reagan was no tyrant, he was just another supporter of the mods.

    While Reagan had right to fear the server's retribution, the very wrath of god itself, the mods have no fear. They hide behind their rules and good deeds, but my brothers and I see through their lies. We know the truth. The server may not be able to touch them, but we can appeal to the common people's sense of justice and good. Together our voices will be heard and justice will prevail!

    I say JUSTICE FOR ILLUSIONG55! Spread the WORD!
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  6. gerafe

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  7. Jabba the Slut

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    Who are you?
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  8. gerafe

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    we are all illusiong55
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  10. Shadow™

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    What are u on about
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  11. roy

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  12. Bruno

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    Lmao i think hes in some kind of cult, so bad
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    sir what the heck is going on here
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  14. Twitch.youtube.com.ttv/AAAAAAA911

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  15. Paradox

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    People don’t understand top quality shitposts these days. A+ for effort.
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  16. gerafe

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    my life is a shitpost
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  17. Panduh

    Panduh I love ass VIP

    Look at the impact Illusiong55 made on our servers. This man, he must truly be a man of honor and wits of an absolute warrior. I would have loved to meet this man and shake his hand.
    Fellow brothers, these tyrant mods have murdered our leader of this peaceful protest, as a whole individual we shall stand and mark our words for the better change. Long Live Illusiong55
    In our hearts, we shall never forget the impact Illusiong55 left us, the invision of great peace and intelligence.

    #DefundTheMods #AquastIsACheater #ChickenNuggies #LongLiveIllusiong55 #AquastForMod
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  18. gerafe

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