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Discussion in 'Shoutbox Ban Appeals' started by Juicy Tenderloin, Apr 8, 2021.

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  1. Juicy Tenderloin

    Juicy Tenderloin cum blaster VIP Bronze

    Explain the case:
    I would like to appeal my discord ban please.

    I was warned by Jabba for tagging sticky.

    I then was warned again from Ryan even though I stopped after Jabba warned me

    Then I get banned from Ryan about an hour later for posting a gif of a rhino pooping but I was never warned for that or told hey can you not or asked to delete it.

    Ryan also apparently says because I tagged admins, I tagged admins because of the spamming names and seizure inducing video that was posted.

    I wasn't even trolling, everyone was posting weird and gross gifs or videos of LITERAL ANIMAL ABUSE and didn't get warned or banned but I did.

    I genuinely was just enjoying being in the vc with friends and wasn't trolling or having bad intentions but I got banned by Ryan. Without warning or anything.

    I get that I normally am being a little shit and trolling but I didn't do anything wrong that was the most petty and silliest ban I've ever seen I genuinely didn't even do anything trolly. Everyone was posting dumb and weird gifs. And now I'm probably banned for like 8+ weeks over a gif of a rhino doing a natural thing that all animals and humans do instead of getting warned to not post a gif of a rhino pooping. Like are you serious right now? Really not fair. Memelord posted a video of a live lizard TAPED to a pan struggling and scared and being abused but didn't get in trouble and then I post a gif of an animal pooping and boom I'm banned.​
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  2. wubby

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  3. RyanHymenman

    RyanHymenman Conscript the women and kids Administrator VIP Silver

    Your ban is only 2 weeks. Ill respond in more detail to this later tonight
  4. RyanHymenman

    RyanHymenman Conscript the women and kids Administrator VIP Silver

    Ok so the reason I banned you was for posting a pretty disgusting GIF of a rhino shitting. Twice. I wasnt active in shoutbox for the other stuff, and the post you made was brought to my attention separately with a link to the post. I deleted both of them and then banned you after consulting with 2 other admins. I told you in DM's that all of them were in favor of a ban, but reading back on it, it was 1 that was semi-indifferent and 1 in favor of a ban (I misread the wording of the first one). I was already leaning towards a ban since you had just gotten a warning from Jabba and myself (the reason for my warning with the tag was so it was logged).

    Now, on to the things that I took into account when deciding to go ahead with a ban

    You are routinlely warned in shoutbox for a variety of reason including spam, instigating, harassment, and now disturbing content. I just couldnt justify giving you yet another warning, and felt that it was time to draw a line in the sand. I am normally very lenient and prefer verbal discussion, rather than complete removal, but in this case, I felt we have warned you enough in the past. I was also less inclined to just warn you because you just got a very lenient unban from me for your harassment against Elvis, and told me you would be on your best behavior. You were doing just that for a few days, but here we are again, with the trolling in shoutbox.

    As for the other posts, Ill go back to around the same timestamp and take a look at the things that were posted. I had given the area a quick glance when I banned you, but didnt look into it too deeply as I was occupied elsewhere.

    Seeing as you are questioning my decision and actions, Ill give @Jabba the Slut the opportunity to overule my decision, but for now the ban is staying unless you can give me a genuine reason to unban you.

    Edit: Oh, as for the evidence, I'm not posting it here for obvious reasons, but I'll get confirmation from one of the leads or another admin. But I will drop the rule in question here
  5. Juicy Tenderloin

    Juicy Tenderloin cum blaster VIP Bronze

    "and told me you would be on your best behavior. You were doing just that for a few days, but here we are again, with the trolling in shoutbox."

    I get where you're coming from, but I wasn't even trolling. We were all posting dumb memes, gifs, and videos. I didn't think it was THAT disturbing, and I'm sorry that an animal pooping offended people enough for it to be disturbing content, however I wasn't trolling I was just posting the dumbest and weirdest gifs I could find.

    And I totally appreciate you being so lenient and unbanning me with my last ban. I truly am because lately I've been way more active in the discord and I'm glad I've been able to do that. Which is why it's so upset I'm banned for 2 weeks when I just wanna hang out in VC and shoutbox with my friends.

    I feel like I have been being good and haven't done anything bad other than the rhino gif and honestly it didn't gross me out that bad to where I thought it would be considered disturbing content, which is why I mentioned to you in dm's that disturbing content sucks because it's usually discretion based and to me it wasn't that gross but I realize now that to others it was disgusting enough to be disturbing. I'm sorry for that. Just like when Indy posted his actual foot in shout box the other day and tagged me in it that was disturbing asf to me because I hate mens feet, but to others I'm sure it wasn't even that bad to see or look at.

    I posted the rhino gif 2 times because I thought it was funny and dumb, not because I was intentionally trying to post disturbing content or get banned or troll.

    If I was going to troll it would've been a way nastier or weirder thing I would post or I would just have harassed someone. But I didn't, because I wasn't trying to troll.

    Idk I proabbly just sound like I'm going in circles, I just feel like it's once again something I get called out on and no one else ever gets called out for shit like indy posting femboy shit all the time that makes people uncomfortable or grumbles controversial and political picture, or all the weird fucking gifs of among us characters twerking with little gooches. But a rhino pooping - which is something all animals do including humans - was so nasty and gnarly enough for me to get a 2 week ban instead of you just talking to me first to realize I wasn't trolling and that I genuinely didn't think it was a big deal or that it would be against the rules and fall under disturbing content.

    You told me in dms that you didn't warn me because you felt it was obvious enough that it was considered disturbing content, and I don't think it's very fair of you to decide that it's OBVIOUSLY DISTURBING CONTENT, if you yourself literally said, also in dms, that because it was borderline disturbing you went and consulted with other admins. So you knew it was borderline? yet you also said it was OBVIOUSLY disturbing and that's why you felt that you didn't need to warn me for it. And clearly you were wrong because to me it wasn't obviously disturbing. Gross? yeah a little cause poop is kinda gross, but disturbing? no. didn't think so until I'm banned for it now.

    Here's the screen shots of what you said.


  6. Juicy Tenderloin

    Juicy Tenderloin cum blaster VIP Bronze

    If you would've warned me for the first time I posted it, I wouldn't have posted it again. But you felt the need to not warn me because it was a "pretty clear violation", yes not clear enough that you had to get other admins opinions because in YOUR OWN WORDS it was "Borderline". If you would have just warned me, I would know that it was considered disturbing content to you and the rules and then I wouldn't have posted it again and I wouldn't have gotten banned. It was pretty unfair of you to decide what's considered obviously "disturbing" because again, to me it wasn't a disturbing gif. :|
  7. Sticky Bandit

    Sticky Bandit Never fall below your standard VIP Bronze

    Gonna post in here since this thing mentions trolling by posting gifs in shoutbox. Me, Grumble, Juicy, Andrew, Memelord, and a bunch of people were in the SGM voice channels, we were talking and showing each other funny gifs. We weren't trolling at all. Then some unrelated guy comes up and posts this weird borderline anime porn that flashes a bunch of images really fast, so of course we want to get that removed. It isn't funny. Andrew tagged the admins, because it was seizure inducing. None of us were warned to stop this apparent trolling or spamming. Only thing that happened was Juicy being banned out of nowhere.

    Just wanted to give some context to this situation since I was there for the events. There was no trolling going on. We were using the SGM discord server to talk and have a good time, and posted funny gifs related to our conversation in the shoutbox. No trolling going on.
  8. Juicy Tenderloin

    Juicy Tenderloin cum blaster VIP Bronze

    yes thank you sticky
  9. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Lead Admin VIP Silver

    Figure it out yourself admin boy.

    (I have no intentions to overrule whatever conclusion my administrator comes to.)
  10. RyanHymenman

    RyanHymenman Conscript the women and kids Administrator VIP Silver

    As the intent of posting the image was seemingly with no mal-intent but the image itself is a clear violation, I wont be removing the ban, but rather lowering it to 1 week. Please. Please, dont post more images or GIFs like that. The bit that made this particular one as disturbing as it was, was the fact that you could see the asshole as the shit came out (at least for me)

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