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Discussion in 'Store and Donations' started by Wessel Poort, Jul 8, 2018.

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  1. Hey, I've just tried to buy a rank, but when I click on checkout and I click on paypal, I try to login to my paypal account, but then it says: ''Your purchase cannot be completed at this time. please try again''. Any clue what could be causing this and how I fix it? I've tried to buy the VIP rank by the way, not sure if that matters.
  2. Opalium

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    Does it give you this error right after you login? Or after you press the payment button?
    Also tagging @Highwon so he can have a look as well.
  3. After I tried to log in with my paypal account.
  4. Scotty

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    If you get this error after you click on paypal then its something with either your card or your bank. I have had this happen to me an abundant amount of times. The bank might not trust the website and have it blocked from you, and yes your bank takes a role while paying through paypal.
  5. Hey, thanks for all your replies, but I figured out how to fix it, I was waiting to confirm my bank account, but I just removed it since I used something else to get money on my paypal, and now it works. Thanks for trying to help :)
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    Sure thing! Enjoy the rank.
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