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Discussion in 'Player Models' started by Big Jack, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. Big Jack

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    I could only imagine this has already been requested (sorry if it has) but I feel as though an Iron man player model should be added to ALL servers, as he is well recognised and loved by many.
    You already have a vast array of super hero models so there's no reason you shouldn't have iron man, as he is the best after all. ;)(y)

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    As heard from Highwon himself before, he informed me that the servers use to have a Iron Man player model in the servers at one time.

    Highwon says that the model didn't have a hit box for the head so they had to remove it lol.

    I don't think they should put it in unless they fix it or if this is a fixed workshop file. Imo, I don't think they should put it in as Highwon said, they had to remove it.
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  3. Big Jack

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    Alright cheers for the information. Will have to wait and see if anyone can comment on this and know for certain.
  4. You can test it yourself