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  1. ITT: I will go over my tactics as an Innocent, Terrorist and Detective.

    This might help some of you know me better, counter me better or hate me more :p.

    Innocent: As soon as the round starts fill up on ammo for both guns and find a smoke grenade for evasive manuvers, after that i will proceed to methodically patroll the map and allways stay on the move on the lookout for unidieds, murders some ammo or a D/T wep here or there and people i can trust (most of eu2s regulars consider me friendly so i tend too meet up with one or two of them and form a tight group).
    As the round comes to an end i will usually ask for livechecks and become increasingly paranoid calculating the ammount of people left, who i think is a t and if there's any people who i can still trust. One dead giveaway to know if im innocent or Traitor is how much i talk, in t rounds i talk way less in public voicechat and way more in T voicechat whilst in inno round i will almost always use up my mic battery.

    Detective: It's pretty similar to Inno round except for two aspects. First: Always buy a radar at start of round and save up points i find for health station and defuser (if needed) Second: i will almost always have a deputy (someone from the server i trust with me to help and carry on my duty when i die), if i see any bodies i will usually allways double-check even if idied in order find any dna traces, and then the hunt for traitors begins.

    Traitor: As soon as round starts buy armour and radar, then localise detectives and lonely innos ( on the way i will look for ammunition and of course and incendiary to kill afks with, i tend to drop the incendiary nearby them and walk away as they burst into flames, no dna no clues) if i get more points as the round progresses i will first off buy a decoy and place it in an insconpicuous place, after that i tend to buy mp7, death station (if hurt) and harpoon if in map with glass door t rooms like innocent motel, during the rounds i will most likely be coordinating attacks with fellow t buddies on certain targets like detectives or dangerous skilled players ( you know who you are :D) if it comes down to where there's only me or less than 3 traitors left and a high ammount of innos I will go on a highly aggressive but highly effective tactic which i personally call: Ghost Killer, in order to do this i will buy a disguising kit, mp7, teleporter (essential) and death station if possible. I will then set up a teleporter in a safe location like a t room or a place where there's low player traffic. I will then move in with my disguise and mp7 to swiftly take down targets, as soon as a kill is performed i will recall back to my hidden spot and throw down a death station if im hurt or have the points to do so and then the process repeats all over again,i will usually carry on this process until i have been killed or kill everyone.

    Anyways that's about it for this little guide on how i play ttt, i hope you enjoyed and maybe even learned something from it. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

    Edit: For those of you who are wondering my lodout is Hk 416 and Hk 45c, both of these weapons perform well at mid to long range engagements and are highly reliable in my opinion.
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    These strats aren't shitty. Nice.
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    Did this so that you can change your strategy to survive longer as inno.

    Idk why but using smokes as innocents won't give you any advantage to fight except for the sniper T's.

    I didn't say this is bad but this is my kind of advantage when I play TTT because this is where the players get slayed for RDM'ing (and I found that very funny too even Highwon became a victim of my trick).

    Most TTT players never care who's using the voice chat even the professional TTT players (Xpro git out) so it's alright.

    Since T's never respond to a live check I secretly check bodies but never identified mark them as missing, repeat until i found the traitor then shot them in the face.
    (Yeah I never did this in this server.)
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    If someone says "whoa whoa what's going on here" during a shootout, they are a T. Follow them and get proof.

    If someone gets shot at and says "why are you shooting me", they are a T.


    EDIT: maybe
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