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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by Wii, Dec 30, 2020.

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  1. Wii

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    Explain the case:
    the spray is not pornagraphic at all its two shirtless men and thats it the picture even has context yet they're sprays with anime tits that gets by i did not have the image saved so i cannot post evidence but no other mod has given me trouble about it because its not pornagraphic at all its always lightining.​
    Related Evidence:

  2. j3kawesome

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    I moved this thread to the correct area - TTT Appeals and lightning has been notified of this ban
  3. iizzy

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    Here's your Steam ID, for future reference: STEAM_0:1:88273983
    You were banned on East by Lightning for 2 weeks for "Pornographic Spray", although it does not seem as if you are currently banned. Please wait for Lightning's response
  4. [MZK]Lightning

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    On 12/27/20, I removed a spray similar to the one I removed and ended up banning you for today, and warned you to not use another spray of the same subject matter.

    Today, I saw that you had posted another spray of the same subject matter as the one on 12/27. Because of this, I sought discretion from an Admin to issue a ban for Porn Spray, with Lead Admin @Lordy Claus giving me discretion to ban you due to the fact that the 2 sprays I had to remove contained the exact same subject matter.

    It has been decided after deliberation between Lordy and 2 other Admins that the ban for Porn Spray will be voided.

    However, This will be your final warning to refrain from posting any sprays similar to the 2 that I've removed.

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