I am back to playing SGM!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Viral, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Viral

    Viral VIP Silver

    Wow that’s cool, thanks!! :)
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  2. I am an old folk that came back.... Aside that welcome back Viral!!I need to meet you in-game!
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  3. HR Phasma

    HR Phasma Elite

    Welcome back!
  4. We haven’t met, but I’m looking forward to meeting you Viral. Also welcome back!
  5. mynameisjeffy

    mynameisjeffy Active Member

    Welcome Back Bro Nice to got you back!
  6. forcie

    forcie Elite

    Welcome to the world of sgm!
    hope you enjoy it here buddy!
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  7. Viral

    Viral VIP Silver

    Thanks Forcie (y)
  8. Viral

    Viral VIP Silver

    Thanks bro :happy:
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  9. Viral

    Viral VIP Silver

    I would like to meet you soon aswell thanks Falco!
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