I almost got scammed out of my 1100 Minecraft account lol

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by john redcorn, May 9, 2021.

  1. Pierogi

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    The word "twink" isn't a slur
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  2. Silly

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    I'll take care of your account. Will put it behind all possible security measures and never let anybody know who owns it :D
  3. john redcorn

    john redcorn strangers like me VIP Emerald

    In two weeks it’ll get the big boy boy kisser slur treatment, or so I’ve been told @Pierogi

    and when it’s directed at someone in a way to make them uncomfortable, fuck yea it’s a targeted slur

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  4. Pierogi

    Pierogi Special Properations Administrator VIP

    Correct, the amount of punishable slurs will increase. "Twink" is not on that list.
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  5. john redcorn

    john redcorn strangers like me VIP Emerald

    It's literately a targeted slur whether or not it fits your definition of a "slur". Having a reference list of "unacceptable slurs" would help differentiate them from an acceptable slur like the one you just used.
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  6. Pierogi

    Pierogi Special Properations Administrator VIP

    You conveniently cropped out the part below it, which is the definition of “slur” that we use.

    Do you consider “petite” a slur? Same level of badness.

    I am shocked that you are unable to differentiate between the two definitions, to the point where I can only deduce that you are not here to argue in good faith.
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  7. john redcorn

    john redcorn strangers like me VIP Emerald


    What did I crop out? Closest thing I found was that next link down, which still isn't the quote on quote you used. We'll use your definition going forward, doesnt change the fact it was used offensively to imply I'm the type of guy who would get my kicks by shaving off all my hair to look "boyish and ready to recieve", really fucking demeaning stuff tbh.

    As for the argument of petite/twink/boy kissing word

    Let's do a little fun google search for each of this terms. Google Images, no safesearch filter on for any of these

    boy kissing word - https://prnt.sc/130m0u5
    twink -https://prnt.sc/130mmrt (fixed, had to edit it a little.)
    petite - https://prnt.sc/130ma7z

    By comparing and contrasting here, petite is a descriptive adjective, fitting may different types of builds and people. The boy kissing word has been more or less reclaimed by youtubers and trend setters and memers and there's not apparent group of who fits that definition using solely google images.

    In comparison, our google search for twink looks like it can be used as an insulting or derogatory term towards a particular group of people. I censored all the pictures, but if you were to venture over to that side of the interment, you would would see all these men are homosexual men more interested in receiving, white, and hairless on the body.
  8. iizzy

    iizzy Pastel Pink Punk VIP

    What makes most slurs slurs is historical context. The "boy kissing word" as you call it was used against gay people, because it was also a word for a bundle of sticks used to start a fire. Gay people, to be compared to said bundles, were tied together and burned to death for being gay. The N word has a long and sordid history that I'm sure you know at least a bit of, unless you've willfully kept your ears slammed shut your entire life, but need I remind you it was used to oppress an entire race of people, and later chanted while hanging said people extrajudicially in thousands and thousands of lynchings. Meanwhile, the word "twink" is a word mainly used in LGBT+ circles, and is used by gay people as a descriptor for either themselves or others, and has no such history of oppression or literal murder. You also didn't explain your three screenshots. Because "twink" is a particular descriptor for "more interested in receiving, white, and hairless on the body," that means it's a slur? How does that one work out? Is "white" a slur? Is "bottom"? Is "hairless"?

    If you can't see the difference between the last word, and the other two, I'm agreeing with Pierogi. You're here to fuck around.
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  9. john redcorn

    john redcorn strangers like me VIP Emerald

    Alright, let's make this easier on everyone. We clearly aren't going to agree here on a blanket "what is a slur", so let's make a little list and make a clear division of categories to help figure out what the fuck this thread has turned into. Just for reference, these are all technically types of slurs/targeted mean words., just a nice way to divide them up.

    Hatespeech: "derogatory or insulting term(s) applied to particular group of people with a significant and documented historical context of hate, indecency, or other vile acts that make it's utterance completely unacceptable in any type of context, on or off the servers"

    The words that I can't spell out fall into this category (nigahiga, boy kisser, the hard jewish k, the hard chinese g, the hard chinese c, -head slurs for arabians, probably forgetting a few korean/east asian ones, redskin?, dyke?) As said above, not allowed in any context due to historical context.

    Slurs: "a derogatory or insulting term(s) applied to particular group of people"
    Words that can be said and are often tasteless, but if targeted, can be seen as harassment if the targeted is offended (cracker, queer, yellowman, Apu, dyke?, redskin, retard). All of these words have a group identity behind them they are trying to put down, but the difference is these words are seen as less offensive due to reclaimation, lack of historical context, niche word used in a nice community, etc etc

    Is this a better way to look at things? Or is there something else we need to consider
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  10. iizzy

    iizzy Pastel Pink Punk VIP

    Really, the definition of slur should be what you defined hatespeech as, and vice versa. But setting that aside, let's move forward.

    There's really no comparing "twink" even to the other words. In the proper context it ranges from a compliment (for those looking to take on that aesthetic) to a neutral descriptive. It has no history that I've ever seen in my 8 years in the LGBT community as a derogatory or harmful term. You included a couple of slurs in your list with twink as well (namely, both "r" words, even if to less of a degree than the words in the top list). I'm still absolutely confounded as to why you think that twink is even close to the other words. It is not meant to put anybody down. It never was. Back before I began transitioning I was often called a twink, because I was presenting as a gay boy who also happened to be light on body hair. I never took offense, and nobody who called me that word ever meant for me to take offense.

    Targeted harassment is a different issue. If you don't want to be called something, or associated with a word, that is your prerogative. If you have made clear that you have an issue with a word or phrase being associated with you, and someone else intentionally calls you that name to bother you, that falls under our harassment protocol and always has. However, including the word "twink" in either of the lists you provided is ill informed at best, and an attempt to conflate a benign word with slurs to poison the discourse at worst.
  11. john redcorn

    john redcorn strangers like me VIP Emerald

    Twink is a sexually loaded term I don't wish to be associated with, and I'd imagine if you responded with "you look like a twink" to anyone on the faces thread, they would take some level of offense to it. That said, Let's put it aside or else we aren't going to get past to the bigger picture of hatespeech and slurs.

    This thread has turned into quite the colorful shit show at this point, but the one thing I'm still trying to hammer out is the degrees of severity between these two categories. Cracker/Redskin/Retard/etc are still slurs, but I feel they simply don't belong in the same crowd of contextless punishment as with the aforementioned hatespeech/big slurs/bye bye words category of six or seven words (n, f, asian g, asian c, asian zipper, -head slurs). A list of six- sevenwords that fall immediately under hatespeech would be so easy to do in a new community choosing a new direction "oh you said this word, nope, here's the punishment for that"

    Having a step down of "slurs/targetted harassment words/etc" as a more discretional/targetted harassment category would be ideal, as stuff you can say and not get in trouble unless someone is harassed, or it's putting some kind of unwanted vibe on the server as a whole.

    An approach I would disagree with is treating the "slurs" category (retard, redskin, cracker, honky, jiggaboo, etc) and the hatespeech category (n, f, etc) as one big category of no tolerance, especially if you are trying to transition over some of the community in a smooth manner to both retain their playership and give them new content. Playing on the servers recently makes this clear that it wouldnt be the smoothest of transitions if it enough to do away with 20-25 words regardless of context.
  12. iizzy

    iizzy Pastel Pink Punk VIP

    Why not? Setting aside that you're including words like "cracker" and "honky" which are mostly used comedically and don't have the history or weight that any of the others do (and that you're still swapping around definitions)... Why is it difficult for you to imagine people not saying slurs? Why would that make it a difficult transition? Is it really that hard to keep yourself from calling someone a slur mentally disabled people, or '50s slurs for African American people? Need I remind you that this community is for a dumb video game on the internet and there's literally never a reason to use those words unless you're doing it out of malice or edginess? Aside from reclamation, but even that doesn't apply because reclamation is normally an insular practice where members of said oppressed group that have decided to reclaim a word use it amongst themselves, not to wantonly call other people.

    The first warning for slurs is and always has been a warning. Is being told not to use slurs after using one going to make a transition to a new server group difficult? Maybe for people who loopholed the rules we couldn't change before by using slurs that weren't on the nono list, but who cares? Why do you need those words? If there is playership that would stop playing on our servers because they can't use their favorite slurs anymore, so the fuck be it.
  13. waffle

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    Big fan of all this og name minecraft talk. Does anyone else have any cool og or rare minecraft names?
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  14. Yeah I have one entitled “Dream”
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  15. waffle

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    Oh yeah I remember that's your alt lol
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    me thinks someone is projecting their insecurities
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  17. Yellow

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    Didn't even know half these words are slurs they just sound like wonky words to use.
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  18. Adrian Shephard

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    guys wtf happen to wink
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    This guy real dumb lol
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    yall got off topic fr fr
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