how fast is your internet??

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    No my parent don't work at nasa
    I don't think singapore has the best connection in the world (yet). the best ISP in singapore gives 1gb/s while mine is just 300mb/s
    also maybe the result is at the best due to close location.
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    actually the reason it is so fast is because he is testing from a server the college hosts, you can clearly see this due to the ping.
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    Here's my New Speed! :D,
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    I finally got a fix for my internet! The days of lag are over. This is the highest speed I've ever had. :)

    Big improvement from what it was before:

    Though, that one is actually outdated. I was getting 0.40 Mb/s before I finally got it fixed. Dark days those were.
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    Good? Eh? No?... -.-
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    A little bit above average. All I can say.
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    Really? lol okay.
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    It doesn't make too much sense to me, but oh well. :V
  11. Hong Kong has the worlds fastest internet average but Singapore has the worlds fourth fastest internet average.
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  12. *Fourth
  13. What? You must of changed just to talk on this thread. :3
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  16. [​IMG]

    Home connection ^^

    And when I'm connected to my local server,

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    Shitty Comcast, but at least I get the speeds I pay for. 300GB monthly limit is SHIT though. FFS
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    You have a Limit? Damn that most suck.
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    There's such thing as limits for internet nowadays? Whaaa?
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    Yeah. Every Comcast customer has a limit whether they know it or not. Same with AT&T Uverse customers. I don't know about grandfathered plans though. Some might not because the company couldn't change the terms. It's retarded. AT&Ts limit is 250GB and Comcast's is 300GB. We're not even a third through the month and almost at 40% of the limit, and all we've done is streamed.