Hopefully, it all ends now.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Slicck, Aug 8, 2014.

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  1. KingAngel

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    Play your maplestory silly c:
  2. Penny

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    Just like in real life, McMuffin is soggy and disappointing.
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  3. Enigmatica

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    We don't have to clarify those complaints. They honestly aren't your business.

    None of this is. We made this post to clear up any misconceptions about the event. It's sad that this is still being argued.

    I'm going to lock this topic as there needs to be no further discussion on the matter. Any other topics on this topic will be locked as well.
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  4. DocFox

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    How professional was it for them to lie to the server owner? Liars are the kind of people that were unfortunately in the server; snakes in the grass. Individuals didn't know how to separate personal lives from a role they filled from the community and would rather save a friendship than be honest and unbiased. People got complacent and the community started to lose what made it popular.

    However, maybe you've been around the community the past couple of weeks to know that and this is all old news to you.
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