History of this community?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Titan, May 11, 2018.

  1. Jabba the Slut

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    You were my favorite mod when you were one.
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  2. Toest

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    idk if you are serious but thanks either way lol
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  3. davidues

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    I'm new sorry can't help. Joined 1/1/2018
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  4. Old Fox

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    This is quite a great thread.

    Something about Vanilla servers for those who are interested, since their playstyles are quite different to regular servers. Forgive me if I forget anybody:
    - The first generation (from start to around 2015) includes legends like @Fiefoe, @MasterTbaiter , @Squidd , @DocturBrian, @robokiller97, @MaulTPiss, @Zavil's. Main playstyle was straight up Rambo, using good aims to win in gunfights and the game.
    - The second generation (2015-2017) includes regulars like @nilz , @Peach , @MonkeyBoy , @littlememe , @The Law . More emphasis is put on strategy and reading opponents' behaviour to win the game. The main reason for this development is that as more people play the server regularly, their behaviours get into a pattern, allowing us to read others' playstyles better.
    - The third generation (2017-present) includes regulars like @MarsEverKey , @ThatAintFalco, @JayVas, @Darragh, @degolfer222 , @TheBoss-san . Most of second generation I mentioned above is still on. However, due to the 1/11 events and the recent crashes, less regulars go on the server. This leads to many new players joining the server with quite unpredictable behaviour patterns and lack of knowledge of the rules. So emphasis leans slightly back to good aims to win gunfights (good aims/strategy right now is like 40/60). Another consequence of new players joining is that we have to be more constrained in shooting people doing traitorous acts, since many new players have not read the rules well enough to know what constitute traitorous acts. Many of the second generation regular players stacked up a lot of karma bans (including me) at the beginning of the third generation due to this change in trend.

    I joined somewhere mid way of the first gen (September 2014), so it was interesting to see how the play styles have developed over time through the three generations and how play style adaptation has to be made to suit the new trends.
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  5. Zypther

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    Wow I'm not considered a nilla regular, I was there for 1st gen
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  6. Voca

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    He was my 2nd to least, to be honest xD (Sorry mister Toest)
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  7. Siddo

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    I was your favourite, riiight~? (*≧ω≦*)
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  8. Voca

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    Ofcourse Mister Siddo ouo)/ *Pat Pat*
  9. Toest

    Toest "I am the bus" ~ Falcor, all the time VIP

  10. Mr. Disco

    Mr. Disco Jeff Lynne is a musical genius. VIP

    the community used to be better back then because no one said lit, no one dabbed...no one really said cringe much.

    but i was a squeaker so fuck no not going back then

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  11. Robyn

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    Yeah not squeaking so much is great.
  12. Voca

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    The Amount of Reeees we here now... ugh
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  13. Makuzi

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    i was amazing mod in 2016 til early 2017. The staff team had died in a certain way when i left.

    Wex was my best admin. Falcor had me crying at night. abusive mom.
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  14. Machinekiller00

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    smh leaving out the 2014 vanilla people
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  15. Renko

    Renko VIP Iron

    I knew it I used to buy double barrels since I joined here.

    The Logo's has changed very much,that i forgot to save them to make an archive of logos.

    Shoutbox are always used to be active since 2015.
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  16. tz-

    tz- feelin it VIP Emerald

    it was lit back in the day now its not so lit
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  17. Titan

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    it still lit

    @Mr. Disco like ELO much? Love the Jeff Lynne stuff!
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  18. Predated

    Predated VIP

    Yeah, smh. We were the ogs in Vanilla. And West @Machinekiller00. McMuffin rampages, Event ak bans, Legends of Highwons, Thorns unbeatable T luck, Teamspeak raves, the whole thing of skype and staff using it instead of TS. Tollybears getting hit on by guys, constantly. MINECRAFT, I get banned. I come back.

    And this is not the end.
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  19. Old Fox

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    Sorry but like I said in my post, my apology if I could not add every regular into the list cause I can''t remember them all, and it would take ages if I want to add everybody in. And the more I add in, the more will come to me and say ""hey I want to be added too." Yes, I can make a criteria/threshold to define what is regular and what''s not, but some will get left out and I don''t they think would feel comfortable about it.
    I have tried to list to the best of my ability, partly thanks to this link (https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ However, the main point of my post is about the development of the server's playstyles. So please feel free to comment if you think you are part of the OGs, second gen, third gen, etc.. Thank you!
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  20. Scotty

    Scotty Heroes come and go, but legends are forever. VIP Bronze

    I'm sorry you can't forget Me (I was That One White Guy), Walker, Sir Clutch, BabyFaceOP, LethalFrogger, Milo, and Sherlock Milky. All gen 2.