History of this community?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Titan, May 11, 2018.

  1. Titan

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    Maybe I'm just scouring the forums wrong, but I'm curious about the beginnings of SGM and how it came to be, and I can't find a post related to that. I don't have an idea of when it started other than checking someone like Highwon's profile. Anyone want to share a little story about SGM or maybe a fact that you know?
  2. Machinekiller00

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    ask the oldies of this community
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  3. Lordyhgm

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  4. Carned

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    Originally the community was owned by Mr. Serious, hence the name. (not super serious mode)

    AngelX was and is the only staff member to never be a mod, going straight to admin!

    Magma used to be the most played and popular map.

    Some holidays used to have ranks given away as prizes.

    We used to have a map called TTT_Frozen that had an open T room, it stayed on the servers without fix for around 4 months.

    The Double barrel used to be in the pointshop as wasn't even considered overpowered until myself and a few others started using it.

    Staff used to receive points for the hours they played and we'd have competitions to be the best team, the highest as a mod team i was in, we all had 80+ hours, our highest member has 120 hours in those twos weeks.

    If i think of anymore I'll add them.
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  5. Falcor

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    Okay so let me take you way back...
    I wasnt here at the very start but i can tell you the legend i was told up to now.
    this will be in a tdlr format

    MrSerious=Highwon, marvel&wonder and the age of decent shit posts by lavie, somegaydrama, TheAgeofTheMemeLords, CringeKids, (a civil war is always breaking out between these times), THEREALCIVILWARohshit, civil war, civil war, civil war and here we are now in the StaleAge :/ we shall overcome
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  6. BlueGalaxy

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    We need more civil war memes.
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  7. Titan

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    Man I remember that. Absolutely awful.
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  8. Panduh

    Panduh I love ass VIP

    Staff were stinky when I first joined. They improved a ton
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  9. Pacifist

    Pacifist Cynically Insane VIP Bronze

    Year 1 (2013): The people that remember this year are pretty much the type of people who wont let you forget about it. Nothing really happened in year one honestly, the server started and some people got staff and the server was still in it's infancy.

    Year 2 (2014): This is when shit really kicked off. New servers were added here, and many of the servers would come to be in this year. At the beginning some people in the staff team got a little bit triggered and left. Then a little bit later something similiar happened where some people got a little bit triggered and left. I like to call this the year of the tough administration. Carned was an admin, Disruptionz was an admin, Darktooth was an admin, and Sinz was a lead admin. I am leaving people out but for the most part these admins were brutal in their approach to things. Nothing but professionalism pretty much all the way through. The christmas event this year was by far the best one to ever be hosted honestly. This year saw one of the most well disciplined staff team in terms of raw performance.

    Year 3 (2015): This is when your boy pacifist got mod the first time. By this point Sinz was no longer lead admin and we got some new faces up in the lead spot. Actually this year was quite turbulent. Newer admins were brought into the fold like Rozboon and BmTron. This was also the kick off year for EU and the second kick off for Low Pop server. EU use to be a regular server till they switched it to vanilla. This actually saved EU in my opinion because before that it was dead. No real drama happened in 2015, for the most part the staff team stuck together rather well. The only major community outcry this year was arguments over locked staff channels. This argument would eventually culminate in 1/11 so it was rather important. Disruptionz became a lead admin for the first time in this year and there were a couple other leads that were kind of in and out. This was the year that Kyogre made his debut on the staff team and was also the year that CDriscoll first became an admin. Deathrun was also launched in this year. I like to call this the year of rapid expansion of not only the staff team (the first year to have 3 lead admins) but also the year of having different things to do other than ttt. Graze made his debut in the staff team.

    Year 4 (2016): This was basically the year of Opalium and the pretty laid back staff team. Opalium made his debut in the community and him and verified worked hard to make improvements. In the short term the community saw a massive boost in EU players. In fact many of the EU players on the servers today joined in 2016, only the OGs joined in 2015. Other than a few minor things, drama in the community was pretty relaxed this year. HelixSpiral joined in this year.

    Year 5 (2017)
    : The year of chaos. The year got off to a bang when many of the staff members resigned due to a disagreement they had with highwon. For the rest of the month the server was in utter freefall as the mess that was 1/11 was cleaned up. Minecraft was launched in this year and shutdown in this year as well as Disruptionz being made owner and then being removed from the position. There was also continued drama over some of the members being perma banned from the community (extension of 1/11). This year saw a massive increase in content for the servers as Opalium worked to death trying to get new stuff and content for the servers. For this he was promoted to Owner of the servers.

    Year 6 (2018)
    : The year of crashes. Public Test server was launched this year. That's up until now.

    Did I leave shit out? Yes. Was that on purpose? Yes and no. Do I care? Not really. You want more information on a specific topic? You'll just have to ask someone who was there.
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  10. GRYPHN

    GRYPHN ♫ Thanks for the Memories ♫ VIP

    Many fallen soliders were moved to a very distance island called COI Land, Some say if the servers are quiet enough on 1/11 you can hear the voices of the dead lurking on the vanilla servers.
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  11. Titan

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    I member all those admins. It was pretty fuckin strict that's the truth. Thanks for the super indepth response!
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  12. DocFox

    DocFox The Best Is Yet To Come VIP Silver Emerald

    My tenure as staff and an advisor was probably my favorite time because it was during a lot of growth and development in our community. It's been great to see all of the changes and progress this place has made since the beginning.
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  13. MemeDaddy

    MemeDaddy VIP

    good times
  14. Toest

    Toest "I am the bus" ~ Falcor, all the time VIP

    When I was mod in 2017, we had @Chastity4lyfe and she was cool. (y) Also qso was a mod and then he was not a mod. Orion was also a mod and I was @Pacifist first mod ever and it was rough.
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  15. ZaneLoehr (Masochist Ver.)

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    And made me his mod on that same day, miss that Starbucks loving, butler un-appreciating nerd
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  16. Cash

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    He still comes around, said he's fairly busy last time hence the lack of him
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  17. Titan

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    I remember you as staff I thought you were good at it :)
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  18. Panduh

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    Oh, ur the original Toest. Good ol times when u were a mod
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  19. Toest

    Toest "I am the bus" ~ Falcor, all the time VIP

    awww, thanks!
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  20. Chastity4lyfe

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    Lets not forget Toon Link.
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