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  1. Londun

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    Hello SGM :)

    I'm new and not great at introductions so lets just get right into it.
    I haven't been playing online games for a while, in fact my computer wasn't even connected to internet regularly for about a year. My dad lost his job and subsequently some services had to be cut out. When he got his job, services like internet and TV became more reasonable financially so we got both. At first it was a pretty bad internet service that our TV provider bundled with us and was satellite. It was okay for streaming but naturally garbage for gaming. We then switched to another satellite provider that is a lot better, but as with all satellite, there are major issues. If you ever meet me in-game, this is why I have 600-900 ping. I do go to a gaming cafe occasionally so sometimes my ping will be within a normal range.

    I'm MtF trans so yes I would like to be called she/her and yes I do recognize that saying your trans can be quite aggravating as people just wanna enjoy their games. For this reason I will not say it on the server and will only correct someone on my pronouns if they're addressing me often by the wrong pronouns. I was sorta harassed off of my last community for being trans so I hope I'll find more tolerant people here :).

    I'm a NEET at the moment and have been so for about a year, although I have recently applied for college and am hoping for the best. Wish me luck!

    Feel free to add me on steam and PM me, I'm always looking for new friends.
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  2. Fear☠

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    Hello and welcome to SGM!

    I hope that you will enjoy your stay here and make some fun memories with us all^^
    If you have any questions or run into trouble, feel free to message any staff member. :LOL:
  3. Aria

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    Welcome to SGM!! I hope you enjoy your stay. Its good to see new faces come around here. Hope to see you in-game sometime!!

  4. Tedelicious

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    Hey there Londun,

    Welcome to the community.
    I hope you have a great time here.

    Ted the cuddly bear
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  6. Zuko

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    Hey :)
  7. scuffed water

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    Welcome to the community Londun
  8. ThatAintFalco

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    Welcome Londun, nice to meet you. Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  9. Pacifist

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    Sup homie.
  10. this is an anime-free zone
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  11. Aquast

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    wat is up
  12. Siddo

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    I hit my head as a child and I haven't been okay since.

    Welcome, by the way.
  13. Agent Knockout

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    A little late, but welcome! On behalf of the Bulgarians in here(which is probably only me, I'm lonely here), hope you enjoy your stay! Also IRL girlfriends in Bulgaria suck, so yay for communist anime!
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  14. Aquast

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    i didnt know you were bulgarian
  15. Saturnity

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    cant tell if bait or no.

    his pfp is the bulgarian flag, wouldn't have been a too hard of a guess

    Welcome to SGM though <3
    Lotta good people to make memories with here
    Just remember, @The Memelord smells and is kos'd permanently
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  16. UncleBee

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    where is the tl;dr
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  17. nice to meet you, friend,
  18. Grumble

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    8/10 Trap, would get trapped again.

    Can you cook though?
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  19. 8BitF0x

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    Welcome to the SGM community, a lot of people here are nice and are willing to help when you if you have any questions. (y)(y)

  20. Siddo

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