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  1. Hello! I am Super Josh. I'm a 17 year old guy that plays video games. Mostly League, gmod, csgo or something else i find entertaining. I work in a professional theatre, which is pretty cool. Also I've been playing Serious ttt for a little bit. I'm mostly on the west servers or the vanilla server. I guess my favorite thing to do in ttt is 420 no scope people (aka just sniping people). Umm what else. Well I'm going to college in about a month. annnnd I was a Super Admin for a while on another server, but it died a while ago because no money. (RIP in peace) If you want to know anything else about me, you can ask. I'm bad at introducing myself.
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    Welcome to the forums! :)
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    Hello Super Josh, and welcome to the forums and the STTT community! I hope you like it here with all of us, it's an awesome group to be involved with! That's really cool that you work in a professional theatre, what do you do there? I work quite frequently in theatres when I put on shows in them :) They're always so awesome to be inside of.
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    Hey welcome to the community :D
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    Welcome to the community sir!
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  7. I'm mostly either the backstage crew (deck crew) helping with the Rail system, bringing in and out drops and moving set pieces but at the moment I will be Follow Spot Operator here soon. It's a wonderful experience ^.^
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    I like you
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    Welcome to the forums.

    Enjoy your stay.
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    Hey there Josh! Saw you on TS earlier and on our vanilla server!
    Glad to see you on the forums! Hope to hangout with you more in game!

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    Hey man. See you around.
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    Hey Josh, Welcome to the forums! See you around.
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    Welcome, Josh!
    Hope to see you around!
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    Your profile picture is so cute omg.
    Did you draw it?

    Anyway, Welcome.
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    hello welcome to the community, i hope you enjoy your stay here and dont die.

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    Welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy your stay. :)
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  18. I didn't draw it, but a good friend of mine drew all the staff and management of our old server and made it into a collage of all of us together. I just cropped mine out because I love it. haha