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  1. Hello

    ok bye
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  2. SavannahBanana

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    sup bruuuu
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  3. look at the tags, very great yes? oh my god now that i look at it it's almost like a story.. oh and yeah sup i guess
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  4. food

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  5. Dodley27

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    Ok boomer
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  6. shut up dolphin
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  7. Pacifist

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    hey man!
  8. Sticky Bandit

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    Sup my dude
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  9. Pokeben10

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  10. hello "millennial"
  11. i don't see any memesticks anywhere
  12. They are $19.99 plus shipping and handling.
  13. The fuck is that? that's too overpriced you mean 19 cents right
  14. they are black market memes
  15. That must be some TOP quality shit if you sell it for that much
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  16. Don't tell anyone this but these memes are immortal and will ALWAYS BE RELEVANT
    29.99 for the shitpost package